Let me tell ya about my most recent experience with Walmart+

Let me tell ya about my most recent experience with WALMART+

So if you’re a parent, you undoubtedly have gone through phases of your kid turning their nose up at whatever you’re trying to feed them.  It’s just part of parenting and kids going through stages where they’re figuring out they don’t actually have to eat everything you serve them.  A few months back, our youngest daughter, Mira, went through a phase where she wasn’t into nearly as many veggies as she once was.  I was starting to feel panicky.  I’m a horrible eater and don’t eat veggies, so I’ve decided my lot in life is to make my kids into great eaters.  I also want them to be healthy and get the proper nutrients.  So I found these Beech Nut Veggie Pouches at Walmart and they’ve been a must-have of ours ever since.  We use them to supplement veggies if I’m just making a quick meal, or if we are traveling or on the go. I’ve only ever found this 9 pack at Walmart, and I love buying things we love in bulk so it has been a win-win.


 Walmart+ offers free shipping on so many items with no order minimum and these happened to be free 2 day shipping, which worked great for me.  (Excludes freight and Marketplace items).  Instead, though, I got an email saying that my order would be delivered sooner than expected!  Apparently, they found it in stock locally and ended up delivering it to my doorstep, free of charge, in the same day I ordered it from  Walmart+!  Talk about great customer service!!  So Mira got her veggies and I got something conveniently left at my doorstep that makes my mama job just that much easier.


So, the next time you need something for your little one, I’d definitely consider getting your diapers, wipes, and even veggie pouches through Walmart+!

Thank you to Walmart+ for sponsoring today’s post. All opinions expressed, as always, are my own ;).

xo, tess


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