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update on my hubby’s condition

Hi friends.
I wanted to give a quick Eric update.
Last week, after having multiple more “episodes,” Eric was given a different diagnosis (one that was never completely ruled out when he was in the ICU). The neurologist believes he has two things – viral meningits/encephalitis and something called complicated migraines. (And that the viral infection is leading to the complicated migraines – since he’s never had migraines in his life). These migraines can lead to stroke-like symptoms and even temporary paralysis. It’s scary stuff when he has these episodes.
This last week has been a total roller coaster, filled with lots of highs and lows. Sometimes Eric feels fine and seems like himself, and others, he suffers from numbness on the whole right side of his body or confusion and loss of some speech or migraines that leave him in crippling pain. I wanted to share this so that people know that he’s really up and down. Sometimes he is himself, and others he can’t even get out of bed. So please know that if he doesn’t answer your call or is short in responding to something, it’s probably because of the latter. So please know that you can always reach out to me if you are trying to reach him and I will do my best to respond as quickly as the situation allows.

There is no treatment for the meningitis, other than rest and hydration and he is currently on steroids to try and kick the cycle of the complicated migraines.
He had a good day for half of the day yesterday so we snuck out of house arrest down the road to the pumpkin patch with Isla and took a couple of pics like this one
We have incredible FAITH that Eric is going to beat this and come out even stronger on the other side, and that there will be many more moments like this one with my two loves.

I appreciate all of the help we’ve been given and for all of the offers to help. A special thank you to Eric’s parents for coming out to help during some of the really rough times last week.
And thank you to Erin and Dan for grabbing groceries (and even throwing in some wine for me ) when I was in a bind and to Jenny all the way down in Mississippi for sending me dinner last night. These little things go a LONG way right now.

Please keep Eric in your thoughts and prayers – we really appreciate it!!

xo, tess


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