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travel wear and our Oregon trip

Happy Sunday!!

I’m so excited for this week!  My husband and I are just arriving in Oregon for a little getaway and my daughter’s first birthday (and big ole bash) is this Saturday.  I couldn’t think of more fun things to look forward to in one week! 🙂

My hubs and I have had going to Oregon at the top of our bucket lists for years.  You see, we are big wine drinkers and the vast majority of what we drink is Pinot Noir.  And where do the best Pinots come from (in our humble and ((very experienced because we are lushes)) opinion)?  Oregon!  Willamette Valley, to be specific.  So we have waited for years to go and he happened to win a trip through work so we decided to take the opportunity to go!  We plan on touring vineyards, kayaking, and enjoying each other’s company without our beautiful babe needing our attention (a world that seems so far away now). We extended the trip to be able to go to the Ed Sheeran concert tonight in Portland, which we are so pumped about too.  The only downside of this trip is that we are going the week of Isla’s birthday, and that came with it’s own guilt for me.   I feel really badly that I’m missing most of the last week of her first year of life.  I know that’s a bit cheesy and dramatic, but it’s how I feel.  I even nursed her for the last time Friday and didn’t know it because she just went ahead and weened herself.  That girl is so strong and just wants to be a big girl and enjoy her breastmilk in the sippy cup.  Apparently, she gets the milk a lot faster that way ;).  It was harder for me to ween than it was for her, even though this trip was my final end date for nursing.  I plan on doing a post on nursing soon, so more on that later.  But anyway, I always feel a tiny bit guilty when I leave her for any bit of time, but a vacation away from her is definitely a lot harder!  And to add a little pressure, because her birthday is on Saturday, I had to do a lot of birthday prep ahead of time  (I may have gotten a touch carried away.  Just a scoatch).   So throw some guilt and stress together, I think that the wine will be well deserved once we get to the wineries:)   I know this trip is great for us… it gives us time to reconnect and just be together and it’s also a break for this mommy, who stays home with Isla almost all day, erry day.  I’m going to read and finish books.  I’m going to layout in the sun and stay out for as long as I want because my baby isn’t turning into a pumpkin.  I’m going to drink lots of wine, because I’m done nursing, pumping, or being used as a moo-cow.  (I guess you gather that I’m going to drink lots of wine).  So actually, I can’t think of a better reward for all of the hard work of nursing for an entire year!

We miss our daughter so much already, but she is already having a great time with her grandma.  Shoutout to my mama, who we are eternally grateful to!  We have a feeling that little booger could start walking this week – we’ve said it for months… that most likely this will be the time she decides to walk.  But either way, we are happy she gets to spend time with her grandma loving on her and we relish every photo and video we get of her while we are away.

So with all of that being said, here is a cute and COMFY travel outfit.  This is my new favorite shirt.  Seriously.  It is beyond comfortable and it’s soft and amazing and I want it in every color.  I sized up in it to let it be even more slouchy.  This is one of those perfect “from day to bed” tops.  Is that a thing?  It should be, if it’s not already.  The first day I wore this, I did just that.  I wore it during the evening and then just kept it on to sleep in because it’s more comfortable than anything else I own!  (AND, it’s under $17!) The shorts are the most comfortable shorts I’ve ever worn.  They have a ton of stretch in them and are easy to travel in.  I wore the top kinda off the shoulder with a lacy racerback bra.  I became obsessed with these while nursing and now I just like them for comfort and style.  I love my new sneaks too – they are great for three reasons.  One, they are freakin comfortable (and if you can’t tell, I’m all about that).  Two, they have little flecks of gold in them – which is totally my jam.  And three (the best part), they’re Tom’s, so for every pair you buy, a child in need gets a pair.  Links to my outfit are below.

  1. Most comfortable top ever (exact color is at Nordstrom Rack)| 2. Boyfriend Shorts | 3. Toms Sneakers | 4. Bralette | 5. Luggage | 6. $12 Sunnies
xo, tess

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