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transitioning to fall

Today I wanted to share a quick post of a couple of transitional fall basics with a great price tag!  This time of year is always tricky to dress in the lovely midwest.  You go from cold in the morning to sweating in the afternoon to the perfect temp early in the evening.  I really enjoy choosing between being freezing (which I incessantly am anyway) or sweating through my clothes every day. 😉

So what I’m trying to do this year is meet in the middle.  I tend to have more summer and winter clothes and try and make them work for fall and spring.  Instead, I am trying to have a few good pieces that will accommodate this lovely wonky weather.  Enter, peep toe booties.

I genuinely really never saw the point in them, other than from a fashion/style perspective.  I always thought they were really cute but that if I was going to invest in booties, I wanted to pay for them to cover all of my feet ;).  I always thought of how nasty/snowy the Chicagoland winters can be and I didn’t want to buy cute shoes, only to have to pack them away after a couple of months.  Well, I was wrong.  I LOVE these peep toe booties!  And right now, they’re on sale for under $40!  They look cute with jeans, like below, but also look really cute with little fall dresses and even shorts.  They really are an excellent transitional fall piece and you can’t beat the price.  I’ve been wearing them for weeks now and I think they’re my new go-to dress shoe.  These have little cut outs in them and are open in the front and pack, so they are a really good option for the in-between weather.

And this flutter sleeve top is a really great transitional piece too!  The sleeve length is great for coverage, but the actual fabric is lightweight so it can be worn during this weird weather and you won’t be freezing or sweating out of your clothes.  And you guys, it’s under $15!!  It was a total accidental purchase, but I think well worth it.  (You know what I mean, you go in to a store to return something you bought online, something catches your eye and you play a quick game of over/under to determine if you’re buying it.  I said there was no way it was under $15 and if it was, it was coming home with me.  I won.  My bank account lost.)  And it comes in lots of colors – I really love the white and black too!

Find details to the rest of my outfit below!

This is me contemplating how many french martinis I’m going to have during our movie date 😉

  1. flutter sleeve top | 2. peep toe booties | 3. similar denim | 4. $12 sunnies | 5. similar necklace
xo, tess

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