The Little Things

Alright, so here goes nothin’.

I’ve been working up the nerve/motivation/desire/commitment to start a new blog for approximately ohhh 3 years…?

I started a blog years ago and did it for a couple of months but really wasn’t motivated.  When I went back and re-read the posts, I was always apologizing (to the few people I’d sent it out to) for neglecting to post regularly. Why was I even doing it if it was something I just felt an obligation to, rather than something I enjoyed (when I actually do enjoy writing)?

So I deuced out of that blog and decided it was time for a fresh start.

And today is the day!  Or so it seems, anyway 🙂

I’ve been trying to identify my point of view for a LONG time and what I specifically wanted to “blog” about.  One should really have a focus in blogging.  That’s what all the articles say.

What I figured out, is that my focus is going to be not having a focus.  I’m just figuring it out, one day at a time, one foot in front of the other.  I’m not actually an expert on anything (please keep reading), but rather, I know a lot of little things about a lot of different things.  And that’s gotta be useful to SOMEone, right?!

Here are a few things about me that you should know so that you can decide whether or not you actually want to continue reading this blog (though I encourage you to do so, you should know what you’re getting yourself into):

– I LOVE to cook, but don’t eat ANY fruits, vegetables, or seafood.  I do cook with these food groups though, and have learned to cook by smell, sight, touch, and watching 1,347,982 cooking shows.  I have lots of recipes to share, some of my own and some of others – because I happen to have a mom and dad who are both bad-ass at cooking, whom I forced to teach me their recipes before I went off to college.

– I’m a realtor and interior designer by profession, but I have a marketing (business degree) with a minor in Spanish. I do not know how to speak Spanish, however, after 8 years of classes because I didn’t keep up with it (not my finest moment).  I’ve had jobs that range from pavement sales to retail to my current professions.  So I think I know a little about a lot in that regard.

– I love to plan and have helped plan many a bachelorette party, a couple of weddings, and lots of little get-togethers in between

– I love fashion and try and stay up on current trends but am unwilling to break the bank to do so.  I like to invest in pieces that will last and spend little on trendy pieces.

– I’m also the same way when it comes to home decor — I love to take inspiration from expensive stores and find something similar at a much lower price point.  I’ll mix some nicer focus points with less expensive items to try and make a well blended look.

– I love movies and am constantly watching them, even if just in the background while I’m getting ready.  I also love TV shows and music and youtube.  I have been known to “binge” on all of the above.

– I’m really good at drinking wine.  Pinot Noir’s from Oregon tend to really agree with my system.  I try to keep really heart healthy in that regard.

– I’m also really great at eating pizza, fried chicken, and cheese dip.  Mexican food is a deep passion of mine.  And anything with the words “home style” next to it, I’m pretty much on board.

– I hate to clean, do laundry, and especially put said-laundry away.  But I’m a bit OCD and you could probably eat dinner off of my toilets and feel comfortable in doing so.  Is it normal to use a toothbrush when cleaning your bathroom? It is for me.  Unfortunately/fortunately, I have accumulated enough clothing to where I don’t have to do laundry very often.

– I consider myself a spiritual person and believe that no two people’s spiritual journey is the same.  I had a pretty cut and dry take on religion for many years, and the older I get, the more I learn that there’s a lot more TO learn.  But my religious thoughts tend to circle around not judging others.  As my dear Grandma told me when I was very little and upset about a waitress being rude, “everyone is just doing their best on any given day.”

– I am the mother of two fur babies.  I don’t have any birth babies, but I still feel like I’ve been a “mom” of sorts for longer than plenty of people my age, since I was 20 when my first lil doggie fell into my lap and I had to learn to care for a being other than myself.  The love and affinity I have for my dogs is kind of ridiculous!

– I work really hard on trying to be a good daughter, sister, family member, partner, dog mommy, and friend to those in my life.  (I’m sure I have better days than others.) I value my relationships, so very much.  I am unbelievably fortunate to have such great people and love in my life.  And I’ve learned, especially over the past year, how lucky I am EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. to have these people in my life.

So can you see how it’d be hard to have ONE focus, when there are SO many LITTLE THINGS I could focus on instead?

That sounds a lot more interesting to me!

So if it sounds interesting to you, please keep checking back in.  I promise to try and be informative, if not entertaining 🙂


xo, tess


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