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the chameleon

So today, I wanted to share my outfit cuz it’s one of the comfiest outfits I own.  This is the kind of outfit that is beautiful in so many ways.  Not necessarily because of it’s cute-ness, but because it’s kind of a chameleon.  I can wear this outfit out to run errands and no one really notices that I am actually just wearing sweatpants.  My husband can come home from work and see me in it and not think, “hey, she didn’t feel like wearing pants that took the effort to button today.”  And even better, it’s so comfortable, but so disguising, that I can wear this to bed (when the most effort I can make at the end of the night is to peel my contacts out of my eyes and wash my face and changing clothes is just too much).  Then guess what, friends… the next day, when you get out of bed, it almost looks like you’re trying again and you’re not still in your pajamas.

Moral of the story – you need these pieces.  They are versatile (you can wear the white tank with multiple outfits, as you’ll have seen if you scroll back in this blog), they are lightweight (for these funky weather days), and they are cute!

Oh, and the cardi is $10 freaking dollars and comes in 6 colors.  And the sleeve length is a-mazing.
And this nursing bra is my absolute fav.  It’s racerback and sporty so you can trick people into thinking you work out if you wear it with a tank.  I will continue to wear this once I’m finished nursing, I love it so much and I bought it in both of the colors it comes in.  It’s sized down with me.  — You know how most people say something has “grown with them,” well that’s not the case when your tatas go from HUGE when your milk comes in, down to the size they are when you’re only nursing a little bit 4ish times a day.  But I do love this bra because it has fit regardless of the size of my girls.  (I have a size large, believe it or not, because I’d read it ran small… and it works perfectly for me!)

Find the outfit details below!

cardi | tank | nursing bra | pink leggings / pink leggings option 2 |tennies

xo, tess

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