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Hey there!

So I have totally been slacking on the blog front but I have a good reason!  I originally thought I’d blog during car rides or flights when we were on our trip to Oregon because I’d have so much free time… but instead, I decided to really invest in the time with my husband and invest in some time for myself.  I actually finished a book not related to parenting for the first time in months!  (Have you read the Handmaid’s Tale?  It is messed up, man.)  We drank so much wine and had so many fun experiences and I didn’t want to miss them – so I didn’t. 🙂

Then, right after our trip to Oregon, our daughter turned one!  We had a big party to celebrate her and had lots to do to prepare for it when we got back, then had the actual party, then had to clean up and recover from the party.  Do we still have a tent up in our yard?  Perhaps.  I still feel like I have a unicorn hangover but it was a great time and Isla did so well at her party.  I’ll post some pics soon!

I’ve been a little quiet on social media and the blog because I’ve just been really present in the moments we have been having.  It’s so easy to become glued to your phone instead of investing in what is (or at least it is for me).  I woke up the day after Isla’s party at 5:00 A.M. with massive guilt because I hardly took ANY pictures on her birthday (and on a daily basis, I probably take more photos of her than anyone does of their child because I’m ridiculous).  I didn’t get any of Isla with any of my parents, I didn’t get any with any friends, etc.  Then I realized I was giving myself a hard time for putting my phone and camera down and really being present.  And I just kind of went from there and decided I needed to be more ok with being IN the moment rather than having the moment totally documented.

So I took a breaksies and now I’m back to share this amazing basic LBD (little black dress).  I’m telling ya, you NEED this in your wardrobe.  It is on sale for under $25 right now, it’s cotton and comfortable, and it will transition from summer to fall seamlessly!  I can’t wait to wear this with booties and a cardigan over it or some tall boots with a chambray shirt over it.  The material makes it so comfortable but the black color dresses it up.  I wore this out in Oregon for a night out with my husband and was so comfy all night.  We went to drinks, dinner, and the Ed Sheeran concert* so I wore some flats with it because I knew we’d be doing some walking around and exploring.  I put on my hat because… and called it a night!  Trust me, you will love this outfit!  Details below 🙂

(* Ed was maybe the best concert I’ve ever been to and that is rivaling Adele’s concert last year — go see him, you will love it!  What he does is unlike any other concert experience!)

  1. Little Black Dress | 2. Necklace Set | 3. Floppy Hat | 4. Gladiator Sandals | 5. Birthstone Bracelet (mine is Isla’s <3 from my sissy)

xo, tess

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