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SPRING into black + white – week three

Hey there, hi there, happy Monday! I was out of commission last week because we were in the beautiful Puerto Rico!!  I planned on doing a few posts last week, and even started writing one out, and then decided to say screw it.  I decided to just not worry about…

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SPRING into black + white – week two

Heya! So, I’m a midwest gal.  Born and raised.  And I’ve lived in the Chicago suburbs now for about 11 years.  And it’s great.  I love the food.  The amenities.  The proximity to downtown.   But what I do not love…  What I loathe completely, actually, are the Chicago winters.…

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SPRING into black + white – week one

Happy April, friends! Well typically with Spring, comes warmer weather, but for the good ole Midwest, it’s been a total crap shoot with few nice days lately. BUT, that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning for the warmer days ahead.  And with that, comes more Spring fashion, of course. What…

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