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Tasty Tuesday – parmesan roasted potatoes

It’s Tuesday, my loves, so you know what that means – another edition of Tasty Tuesday! Today I am going to share with you the easiest way I know of to make roasted potatoes – and make them extra delicious.  This is probably also one of the healthier ways to make a…

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twice baked = twice as delicious

Happy Wednesday, friends! Today I wanted to share one of my very favorite recipes – twice baked potatoes!!  I actually blogged this with an old blog literally 6 years ago.  I happened to find it and thought it was fun to see my old writing so decided to share it,…

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a quick and easy vegetarian dish

Ok, so I’m going to lead off with what anyone who knows me is thinking. “She doesn’t even eat vegetables.  Or fruit.  Why is she posting a vegetarian recipe?!” Ok, sure.  That’s true.  Ya caught me. But I’m definitely a wanna-be fruit/veggie eater and enjoy preparing them.  And my husband…

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