Father’s Day Clothing Ideas — most under $25!

Hey there! One of the most commonly asked questions on my instagram/blog is where my hubs gets his clothing and requests to put together some men’s clothing ideas.  I have to be honest, I’ve just put it on the back burner and figured it was something I’d just get to… View Post

Old Navy Spring Finds

Hey there! I wanted to share my newest Old Navy finds/order because they’re such great pieces.  I’m really, really impressed with the comfort level of everything from there.  I usually over-order online, with the expectation of returning a few items, but I got such a good deal on everything, and it’s… View Post

Amazon Prime Finds!

Happy Monday! So a couple of weeks ago, I asked a poll question on my Instagram stories on whether people would prefer an Amazon Prime finds try on or a Nordstrom one — and 77% of people said Amazon, so I spent some time finding my very favorite Amazon Prime… View Post

romp romp romp it up

Hey there! Today I wanted to share a post about my newest obsession – rompers! You’re probably thinking, “uh hey girl, those have been around for a while…”  And sure, I’ve had rompers in my closet for years, but I haven’t really cared much about them.  I think it’s because… View Post