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mama baby fashion

Hey there!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!! We certainly did!  My first Mother’s Day was just incredible – perhaps one of the best days of my life <3 I know that sounds cheesy and you might want to throw up a bit (apologies)… but it was a…

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the dedication of Isla

Heya!  Today, I just wanted to share a little photo recap of our weekend.  We dedicated our daughter, Isla, at church on Sunday.  It was such a special day and time with our family, but most of all, special for our little girl.  We are honored that everyone showed up…

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mom uniform

Happy Hump Day! It’s officially the middle of the week!  Though I’m a bit mixed up on days right now because I was fortunate enough to have a girlfriend’s getaway Sunday – Tuesday of this week (I’ll have to blog about that another time cuz it was so wonderful!).  But now I…

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