Father’s Day Clothing Ideas — most under $25!

Hey there! One of the most commonly asked questions on my instagram/blog is where my hubs gets his clothing and requests to put together some men’s clothing ideas.  I have to be honest, I’ve just put it on the back burner and figured it was something I’d just get to… View Post

Amazon Prime Workout Finds!

Hey there! SO… I’m trying to make a conscious effort to prioritize working out in my life.  It’s not always easy… well really, for me, it never feels very easy… but I know that it’s something I need to do for the betterment of my health.  I am a super… View Post

spring amazon prime finds

Heya!! So I’m posting some Amazon Prime Spring finds – and it may seem like I’m jumping the gun here, with the ole Polar Vertex occurring last week, but spring really will be here before we know it.  And I wanted to share some items that you could buy and… View Post

Amazon Prime Finds!

Happy Monday! So a couple of weeks ago, I asked a poll question on my Instagram stories on whether people would prefer an Amazon Prime finds try on or a Nordstrom one — and 77% of people said Amazon, so I spent some time finding my very favorite Amazon Prime… View Post

isla’s nursery

Today, I wanted to share with you something very near and dear to my heart – our daughter Isla’s nursery.  This post took a bit to put together because I tried to link every single thing I could from her room.  (The photos are from not long after she was born!)… View Post