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Happy Monday, ya’ll!

I hope you enjoyed the weekend!

So I haven’t posted in a few days because I’ve been busy family-ing.  Something I’ve been struggling with lately is a bit of guilt if I don’t post a blog or even a picture on my IG/FB.  But I’m trying to adjust my mentality a bit, because if I’m not posting, I’m doing something more important, plain and simple.  Does that sound snotty?!  I hope not!  It’s just what I need to remind myself of.  This blog is really fun for me; it’s something I really enjoy and part of what I think of as self care (as odd as that may sound).  It’s something just for me.  Well, and you, if you’re reading :).  But it’s something I do to keep a bit of my own voice, and not just let mom-ing take me over.  And it’s been incredible… I’m so happy with the growth of this blog and with the feedback I’ve been getting, the shopping problems I’m creating for others 😉 and the meals that are being enjoyed.  But some days, I just need to be present solely in what I’m doing.  My dad and bonus mom came up for the weekend and I was able to spend a lot of quality time with them, my husband, and our little girl.  And I thought about blogging for about 3 seconds before I was like, “nope.  This is more important.”  And that’s just kind of how the last 5 days or so have gone for me.  I worked on a little project for father’s day for my hubs… played with my daughter at her water table and we read 43 books (it feels like)… made some follow up calls for work… met my girlfriend and her kids in a town halfway between us so we could get some time together… met my husband for a lunch date, etc.  It’s a balancing act, ya know?   Care for yourself.  Care for your spouse/marriage.  Care for your child(ren).  Care for your friends.  Care for your job.

The point is, if I go a bit quiet, it’s just because I’m caring for/about something else for the moment.  And I love getting back to the blog as soon as I can.  Thank you so much for following along and indulging me in this endeavor.   And with that, I’m going to let the guilt fade away 🙂

Oh.  And here’s a cute outfit I wanted to share!  They’re my favorite denim shorts (if you haven’t noticed by now) and a top that’s on super sale.  These sunnies are $12 (so they don’t break the bank and you won’t have a panic attack if you bend them out of shape, as I often do).   I am really loving these tassel earrings, too.  They add a fun pop of color to your outfit and make a statement when you’re outfit is more neutral, like this one.  See below for the direct links!

  1.  denim shorts | 2. cold shoulder tank * | 3. sunnnies in rose gold | 4. similar sandal | 5. tassel drop earrings

*inventory is low on that tank because of the price — here is another that just went on sale that comes in tons of colors!

xo, tess

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