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spring weather wear

What do you even wear on days like today in the midwest?!  It’s dreary and cool, but at some moments almost humid.  It’s currently 51 degrees and overcast in the fine Chicago suburbs and my baby girl and I are going to run to some grocery stores between lunch and her nap time. So this is what we decided on – some lightweight hoodies and jeans.

You can find my lightweight hoodie at Nordstrom Rack (and they do still have my color in store).   They are sold out of my color online but here is the link to the other colors.  It is SO soft that I bought it in a couple of colors.  My denim is also from Nordstrom Rack and they are Hudson (the Krista super skinny fit).  You can find them online here.  They run true to size.  My shoes are the slip on chucks and I love the ease of them (especially with a baby).  Find them at Nordstrom online or at Zappos – free shipping and free returns at both. Isla’s hoodie is Tucker + Tate from Nordstrom Rack.  I got it months ago way on clearance so they no longer have it, but here is a similar one.

Now we are off to go hit up the grocery stores!

xo, tess


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