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SPRING into black + white – week five

the basics are the best.

Ok, so this week’s blog post may seem pretty basic.  But what can I say?  Sometimes I can be pretty basic!  And that’s kinda my jam.

I really love the ease of not having to worry about what I’m wearing and being able to multipurpose something in my closet.  So give me a good tee any day of the week, and I’ll find 10 different ways to wear it.  Let’s keep it real, a good deal of my time is spent in tees and leggings/shorts, cuz… — Ok so what I was going to say here was something like #momlife … but that isn’t even close to true 😉  I dressed the same long before being a mom and continue to dress like it since I’ve been one.  I love being cozy and comfortable and relaxed.  Most of the stuff I share, you’ll notice I talk about how comfortable it is.  That’s cuz I just don’t like the fuss of uncomfortable fashion.  So if I try on something and am fussing with it the whole time I’m wearing it, it gets returned or donated.

And that is why I love a good basic tee.  And this (affordable) boyfriend tee is totally my jam – and comes in 9 different colors!

boyfriend pocket tee | black skinnies | camel wedges

crossbody bag | loop belt | tassel earrings

I wear this $18 t-shirt around the house with leggings or shorts and also can wear it with some schnazzy denim (like these) to dress it up for a girls night out or date!  Or just to feel a little fancy schmancy for myself!  This tee looks super cute with white denim too.  I like wearing a different color of shoe if I’m wearing black on black, just to bring some contrast.   You can see below, I am v v serious about my basic tees and making them more than just something I can fall asleep in at the end of the night 🙂

boyfriend pocket tee | black skinnies | camel wedges

crossbody bag | loop belt | tassel earrings

Find links to everything above – and try busting out one of your basic tees for a night out, with some heels and cute jeans, and lmk what ya think!!

Have a great week!!

xo, tess

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