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smart style series – week three

Happy Week 3 of the Smart Style series!

To catch up on the last two weeks, click here:  Smart Style Series Week 1 | Smart Style Series Week 2 

Can you even believe it’s March already?!  You know what that means… it is officially SPRING this month.  And with that, comes even more spring wear.  And dare I say – short sleeve tops?!


(similar)HANDBAG (exact is currently sold out)

I might have mentioned in the past that I kind of dread spring wardrobe changes.  It’s the one season I just try and make work.   Do you find yourself doing that?  I kind of go from winter to summer and just stretch by on basics in between.  Well, not this year!  I decided to scoop up some great spring clothing so that I’d be ready for the season change and not be stuck in drab, winter-colored clothing.  I feel lighter and cheerier every time spring comes around so I’m happy to have some fresh new affordable spring looks to match my mood.

This top is under $20, light and airy, and has a cute flow-y sleeve on it, that switches up from basic shorter sleeve tops.  It’s like a short-sleeved version of a bell sleeve.  It’s white, so it’s light and airy, with a faint blue stripe running through it.

Style Tip
Generally, when a shirt has a boxy shape to it, I like to do a half tuck (like below) or fully tuck it in.  This shirt looks cute half tucked but also hangs nicely with no tucking, if that’s how you prefer to wear your tops.


(similar)HANDBAG (exact is currently sold out)

And obviously, as part of this Smart Style series, where we are figuring out how to make a bunch of different looks using the same staple pieces, I am wearing my very favorite new denim, loafers, watch and handbag that I’ve been wearing for the series.  The one crappy thing is, the handbag is so darn cute, it keeps selling out!  It’s come in and out of stock, but I’m linking this one that’s similar so you have another option.  But on the flip side, the great thing is, the denim is still on sale for $44 and the loafers are down to $17!  And again, with a top under the $20 mark (plus an extra 5% off if you have a red card), you’ll have a great foray into spring with this outfit.

Sizing info:  If between sizes in denim, definitely size up.  These don’t have stretch and really hold their shape!  In the loafters, if between sizes, I’d go down a size.   The top fits TTS – I’m wearing XS.

Stay tuned for next week’s post of more spring looks!  Here’s a sneak peek:

Finding myself, yet again, deep in thought over my latte and doing a cost/benefit analysis of the momentary caffeine boost vs. the concerning crash and shakes afterwards.  Also trying to pretend it’s not 33 degrees and I’m shivering while taking this photo.  Thank you, coffee, for making me capable of taking this photo in said-weather.

See you tomorrow for the Tasty Tuesday series, friends! 💛

xo, tess

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