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SHEIN finds and tips for ordering!

Hey friends!

I’m not sure if you’ve ever ordered from SHEIN before, but I have been ordering from there for years and have found the great, the poor fitting, and the weird from there ;).  So today I thought I’d share my most recent SHEIN finds, along with my tips for ordering from there to get the best quality items for the most affordable price.

First I’ll share my tips for ordering – so if you’re not interested in this, just scroll down to the bottom to see pics and find direct links to my favorite items!

Tips for Ordering from SHEIN

  • Read reviews!  You’ll often find out the quality level, how something fits, or if the color looks as pictured.  This is definitely one of the biggest tips to ordering from there.  If an item doesn’t have reviews yet (which new products usually don’t), see my next tip.
  • I’ve found that if the item has a photo of a model actually wearing the clothing, you’ll have better luck.  If you see an item just on a hanger or laying flat, you’ll have a more difficult time seeing what it actually looks like on.  So a skirt that you think looks reasonable could show up and be micro in size (or absolutely huge!).  Or a top could look cute but come and be really boxy or unflattering on.
  • Check dimensions – I ordered what I thought to be a pair of basic hoop earrings that showed up and were the size of a choker necklace LOL!  Make sure that the item is the size you’re looking for.
  • Order multiple sizes if in between.  There are (as far as I know) always free returns, so if you’re between sizes, know that you can get two and just return what doesn’t work.
  • Be patient.  The time lapse for the SHEIN deliveries can range from 1-2 weeks+.  So if you have an occasion you need to buy last minute for, this is not your best bet.
  • Don’t expect it all to be perfect.  The merchandise is all incredibly affordable, and sometimes it’s not made 100% perfectly – it may have a tiny (really unnoticeable) flaw here or there.  This apparel/jewelry is more fashion wear and not made to last forever and ever.  But it’s so affordable that it’s worth it!
  • Always skim their jewelry section before you submit your order.  I have never had any complaints with the jewelry for the price.  I always add a few pieces in because they’re trendy and SO affordable.
  • Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!!  I’ve been ordering from here for a while and can usually tell how something is going to look on – so please feel free to reach out to me if there’s ever anything you’re not sure about 🙂


(Check my instagram highlights under SHEIN for the try on of all items and jewelry below!)

$9 TOP // Denim // Wedges // Earrings

Or click on any of the items below!

$16 TOP // white shorts // black heels // Amazon leopard belt

Or click any of the items below!

$17 SWEATER // white shorts // black heels

Or click any of the items below!

$18 BELTED SKIRT // lace cami // leopard pumps

Or click any of the items below!

$15 DRESS // $18 wedges

Or click any of the items below!

$13 SWEATER // black chewed denim // black heels// leopard print earrings

Or click any of the items below!


EVERYTHING IS BETWEEN $2-$3.88!  Check my instagram highlights to see video of all of these items on.

Just click on an image below to get the exact item – hover over the item to see prices!

xo, tess

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