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pesto naan pizzas

Happy Thursday!

Its been a crazy week but I’ve finally torn myself away from the rest of my responsibilities (binging the new season of House of Cards high on the list) to sit down and share a super easy and delicious recipe!

So I never used to like pesto.  Mainly because I wouldn’t try it.  You see, I don’t eat any vegetables.  None.  (Or fruit, I know, I’m ridiculous… and no, not even strawberries, unless you count a strawberry daiquiri on the beach).  So when something that very much looks like vegetables is put on something, the last thing I’m thinking is, “oh let me try that, I’ll probably like it.”  It’s more of a reaction.

But at a work Christmas party for my husband years ago, the food selection was limited.  Not limited to like normal people, but limited to ridiculous people such as myself.  I perused the food options, as I normally do whenever I enter any social gathering and found something that looked like pizza (thank the Lord, since pizza is one of my main food groups).  To my horror, they used pesto as the sauce.  I felt I had no recourse but to try this weird pizza to keep myself from starving (dramatic?).
It. Was. Delicious.  It had grilled chicken on it, some mozzarella, some kind of an asian sauce drizzled over it, and it was crispy.  I couldn’t believe I actually liked something “green.” =)

Please note that pesto is actually made with basil and not veggies, but it was still a win in my book.

So today, I’ve recreated the recipe for you.  It’s so easy and you can take short cuts to make it super quickly (like I did with the jarred sauce so I didn’t have to make pesto from scratch).  You can also use some of the chicken I made in this post if you have it on hand.  I did not, so I just quickly seared up a single chicken breast for two pizzas.   Assembling these pizzas takes minutes, so it’s a great weeknight option when you’re in a hurry.  It’s also a great way to get kids interested in cooking/helping – they love putting these little pizzas together!  Find the recipe for the pesto naan below 🙂 **
**Naturally, I had to make an extra regular pepperoni pizza for myself to have for breakfast this morning.   We also made an extra all veggie pizza with goat cheese for Eric and topped it with arugula after it came out of the oven — he ate two naan pizzas for dinner ;).

Ingredients for the Pesto Naan Pizza

  • naan bread (or pizza crusts) – you can find naan bread in the fancy bread section of pretty much any grocery or bulk food store.  I buy mine at Sam’s club and freeze the large pack and just take a few out at a time to use them.  You could also use pitas for this recipe.
  • 1 jar of pesto sauce
  • shredded Italian or mozzarella cheese
  • chicken (shredded or cut up into small pieces)
  • red onion (or go without, like I did ;))

Ingredients for the Asian drizzle

  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1 tbs brown sugar
  • 2 tbs soy sauce
  • 1 tsp Sriracha (if you like a little heat)

So you’ll notice I don’t have exact measurements for the ingredients because it really is dependent on how much sauce/cheese/toppings you like.  I show pictures below of how much I put on and how it turned out.  A couple of tips — I browned up one piece of chicken in a cast iron skillet, seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.  I cook this while I’m getting the pizzas laid out and the rest of the toppings on.  I also like to cut the red onion into thinner strips (versus chopping it) when I put on pizzas.  I cook these bad boys at 400 degrees until they’re well done – but I like everything a little more crispy!  It took around 12 minutes for mine to get nice and crispy.

For the drizzle, just combine all of the ingredients in a small pot and cook on medium for about 10 minutes, whisking every couple of minutes.  You want this sauce to cook down and become thicker to drizzle over the pizza.  The pizza is delicious without the drizzle too, so feel free to omit if you don’t have the time or ingredients to make.  Pics below – enjoy!

xo, tess

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