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perfectly roasted chicken – with 1 minute of prep time

Hi Loves!

Ohmigosh I have to share this cooking method/recipe with you because it is blowing my mind!  It is the easiest way to perfectly roast chicken.  Crispy skin, tender and juicy inside.  It is incredible!

Let me back it up a bit.  I usually just buy boneless/skinless chicken breasts because they are really easy to cook with, versatile, and I can use them in a million different dishes.  But the other day, I bought some bone-in, skin on chicken breasts because they happened to be a really good price that day.  Usually I’ll just have Eric grill them and he will make his with BBQ sauce… but I was looking to do something with the chicken breasts inside the house, in case the weather was bad.  So I started thinking of the easiest way to make chicken – the crockpot.  I started googling and every recipe basically just said to add some liquids, shred it, and make it into barbecue sandwiches…(not what I was going for).  I came across this recipe, though, and decided to try it.  The woman who wrote out the method used chicken thighs instead of breasts, but I figured since we prefer white meat, I’d try it with what we have.

You guys.  My mind was BLOWN!

This cooking method takes literally 1 minute of prep.  ONE MINUTE.  It does take 6.5 hours of cook time though, so this is something you definitely want to plan ahead.  But it’s the most effortless meal I’ve ever made and it has so much flavor and was just absolutely beautiful!  My husband LOVED it and my daughter gobbled it right up 🙂

Here’s what you do.  Take your bone-in, skin-on chicken (can use white or dark meat, whichever you prefer) and pat it dry with a paper towel – this helps the skin brown up.  Set it in your crock pot with the skin side up.  It has to be one even layer; you can’t layer the chicken or you won’t get the crispy skin.  Season it with whatever you prefer.  I used kosher salt, coarse black pepper, paprika, a little basil, and threw in a few sprigs of some fresh thyme I had on hand.  You could just use S&P and be fine!  Don’t add any liquids – the juice of the chicken will create it’s own liquids at the bottom of the pot and this is how you get the chicken crispy.  Put the lid on and cook it on low for 6.5 hours.  Do not open the crock pot.  As tempting as it may be (and I know because I almost lifted it up like 5 times yesterday because I was so curious about the cooking of this chicken), don’t do it!  A good rule of thumb is for every time you lift the lid of the crockpot, add 30 minutes to your cook time.  That’s how much steam escapes and how much it deters the cooking.

And that, my friends, is it.  THAT’S IT.

Pat some chicken dry, season it, and put it in a crockpot?  Yes.  That’s it.  That’s this ingenious cooking method I discovered.  I can’t tell you how much I love this and how often I will be doing it!  It looks beautiful and impressive and like it took all this work, when in reality it took 1 minute out of my day!  I can’t tell you how much more work actually roasting a chicken is; making sure it’s properly cooked through, seasoned, crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside, etc.  This is SO much easier.

You could also put some carrots, celery, and onion – even some small potatoes – under the chicken if you want and I put they’d turn out great!   (I made some sweet potatoes and asparagus on the side just because I didn’t want to riff on the recipe until I knew it worked).

Find the pics below!


after it’s cooked – look at at the juice at the bottom!

I added a lemon wedge on the side to squeeze over the chicken if you wanted 🙂

I hope you enjoy this super easy cooking method as much as I did!

xo, tess

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