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perfect Easter dress under $30!

Happy Saturday everyone!!

I’m throwing this post out here today because I have the PERFECT dress for Easter — and it’s on sale TODAY (sale ends at midnight)!  You will never guess where it’s from… Target!  I picked it up when I was doing a little “grocery shopping” (we all know how that goes at Target) the other day.  I thought it looked great even on the hangar and my daughter’s dedication is coming up so I thought I’d try it.  I took it home and it fits so well — super stretchy and comfortable, and the back is so pretty with the little tassel detail.  And guess what?  Today, it’s an extra 30% off (use code DRESSY at checkout).  If you have a Target RedCard, it’s also free shipping PLUS an extra 5% off!  Or, you can just add something small to your cart to get it up to $25 and get free shipping regardless.

If you order today, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll get it in the matter of a couple of days – just in time for the holiday. (Disclaimer: I, in no way, can guarantee that whatsoever since I do not work at Target.  But it has been my experience that they are SUPER fast on the turnaround with shipping).  Or just go grab it in store!

I had my husband snap a couple of pics of me in it today for reference and have my little hippie baby with me 🙂  I am throwing a couple of extra pics of her in here just cuz she’s so damn cute.  I mean, that outfit?!!  BELL BOTTOMS!  She’s not as smiley as usual, only because she is literally not used to being outside! LOL!  She was feeling grass for the first time today.  Ah, to see through her eyes <3

Anyway, pics are below and the dress is right here!  Order today to get the deal!  A link to Isla’s top is here and her bottoms are here. 🙂

xo, tess

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