beef n noodles

what’s homey-er than a nice warm bowl of beef n noodles? I’ll keep this highly requested recipe short and sweet!  The ingredients are approximations, as I don’t measure when I cook – but you should taste as you go to adjust seasoning.  Always add less seasoning than you think because… View Post

dining room transformation

Hey there, hi there! Today I wanted to share the before and after photos of our dining room rehab.  You really have to look closely at the before pictures to be able to see all that was changed – it’s in a lot of the details that one might not… View Post

potato skins

so what, you may ask, is the secret to my yummy ‘tato skins,? parmesan cheese. I mean, if cheese can be in a dish I create and it make sense, it will be.  So it’s rather fitting that the little extra somethin’ somethin’ for already cheesy and delicious potato skins is… View Post

sunroom transformation

Hi there! Long time, no blog! Life has been so crazy.  So wonderful, so stressful, so fun, so exhausting.  I guess I could dedicate an entire blog to just a life update 😉 feel free to skip on down if you don’t need the update or the details behind the… View Post

Electronic Toothbrush FTW

GIVEAWAY LINK HERE Let’s. Talk. Teeth. So last year, I was lucky enough to work with Smile Brilliant to try out their teeth whitening trays and was incredibly pleased.  They were great for my sensitive teeth and a night a day difference to whitening strips that I’d used in the past.… View Post