Food: So egg-citing ;)

Ok I couldn’t help myself with the title.  It was just too easy. Today I wanted to share a quick and easy tip on how to make the perfectly poached egg.  It’s a nice switch up to your normal sunny-side up or scrambled egg and it is almost just as… View Post

Be Strong. Be Brave. Be Humble.

Warning: This post is sappy and sentimental. I wanted to just do a quick post today that is a little vulnerable. (Sorry in advance for not being my sarcastic self ;)) I’d typically prefer to be divulging a recipe or a how-to… but I felt a calling today to try… View Post

How to organize your bathroom in less than $15

Let me start with a big, obnoxious UGGGGHHHH. That’s how to articulate how I felt a few months ago about re-organizing my bathroom cabinets.  I mean, who does that sound like a lot of fun to?  I actually really love being organized… and I even like organizing (once I get into… View Post

Happy Birthday to my sister soul mate

Happy birthday to my little, and totally grown up sister, Emily.   She may also be referred to by me as the following: Em, Emmy, Nemily, Princess Banana Pants, Emilio Estevez, Dumb Dumb, Girl, Hey Stupid, etc.  I rarely call her by her actual name, so I felt like I… View Post

Meaty Marinara Sauce

I started making this sauce when the Prego jar sauce that I had always used was discontinued.  I tried a few others, but they all had chunks of tomatoes in them.  The horror!  Remember, I have to trick myself into eating food of substance – so I can eat a… View Post