master bathroom transformation

Today I wanted to share the before and after of Eric and my bathroom.  This one was a beast!  We were really excited to transform this space from an outdated, closed off space, to a bright and open one. Skip on down to see the pictures and find direct links… View Post

living room transformation!

Hey there! Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy during this quarantine.  What crazy times we are having right now.  It’s definitely overwhelming and can be really consuming.  To take my mind off of it and put it to better use, I am putting together this living room transformation blog!… View Post

date night in outfit

My husband and I celebrated our 15 year dating anniversary a little bit ago, and though some find it silly to celebrate, we always make it a point to do so.  We had a babysitter planned, booked 6 weeks in advance, and were going to have a long long date… View Post

the world needs a bowl of chicken noodles right now

I posted this recipe years ago, but I thought I’d do a refresh of it, because I always modify my recipes just a bit and think they get a lil better over time.  This recipe is a combo of my mom’s chicken noodles, my dad’s chicken noodles, and my own.… View Post

grocery store prep amidst COVID-19

Let’s talk pantry staple items and what you should be grabbing at the grocery store if you do an order or a run. Canned goods (soups, sauces like spaghetti or pesto, even pizza sauce, canned vegetables and beans) Dried pasta (+ butter + cheese) – I say this because if… View Post