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overall, loving these overalls

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I only have time for a quick post today because this week is kind of hectic, and today we have to go to a follow up neurologist appointment for my hubby and I have about 15 other things to get done between now and then 🙂

I’m glad we have Eric’s appointment today so we can hopefully have get a medication adjustment or something.  My poor babe has still been feeling pretty crappy :-/  It seemed like he was on a major upswing, and he was feeling a little bit better every day, but now he seems to have plateaued 🙁  He has constant headaches and exhaustion, and at this point, he’s just incredibly frustrated with the way he feels.  And when you’ve been feeling so bad for so long, you also start getting into your head (what a double entendre that is) and think, “is there something else wrong with me?  Did they miss something?”  It’s another level of exhaustion, because it’s mentally exhausting too.  So we are hoping for something that helps him get back to himself completely.

And speaking of my hubs, this outfit is one of his very favorites!  I bought these overalls (similar) a couple of months ago because I saw them and thought they didn’t look the way I remembered overalls looking… they had a bit of an edge to them, and I decided to take a chance and order them online.  I was so happy with them when I got them, they are suuuper comfy and oh so cute!  And like I said, they’re ironically one of my husband’s faves.  I wondered if he would come home and like them or think I looked like a hillbilly, LOL!  But every time I wear them, he gives me lots of compliments and acts like I’m the hottest thing since sliced bread 😉

I like to wear them with a tighter shirt underneath, because it makes it feel more feminine.  I wear these as an in between outfit – it’s a big step up from joggers but it’s not a dressy outfit.  The most important thing is – I feel cute in it, even with my tennies on and hair thrown up into a bun (as pictured!).  Find details below!


PS: If between sizes, I’d size up, just because of how overalls fit… they’re not like traditional jeans that you can adjust under your top if necessary.  I tend to wear between a 24 and 25 and these 25’s fit perfectly.  I also like sizing up in lighter denim just because I think it’s more showy.

front view:

side view:

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xo, tess

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