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isla’s nursery

Today, I wanted to share with you something very near and dear to my heart – our daughter Isla’s nursery.  This post took a bit to put together because I tried to link every single thing I could from her room.  (The photos are from not long after she was born!)  I’ve dabbled in interior design for a few years now, so as counterintuitive as it may sound, I was actually really overwhelmed at the thought of putting a room together for our baby.  There were almost too many options out there and I didn’t know where to begin.  I wanted it to look dainty and girly and soft and pretty, but not cheesy or too kid-ish (I know, kind of odd to say about a baby’s room).   I worked on putting her room together for a couple of months and just bought things here and there… I had a vision after looking through Pinterest for ideas for a while.  I kind of fused together a few different nurseries and created what is now Isla’s room.  (I wish I had my inspiration picture but I can’t seem to find it now!)

Let me tell ya, I can’t say for sure where any of her pink blankets are from because we got so many from her baby showers.  When you know you’re having a girl, people love to give you pink (which I love, too)… but I didn’t want her entire room to just be pink.  I remember getting random pieces at a time and having them “staged” in what used to be my husband’s work out room and is now her nursery.  I had the blue rug and blue nightstand in there and I remember him asking me if the room was going to look girly at all.  😉  I told him I had a vision and to just trust me… I think it turned out very girly in the end, but has a lot of soft blue to contrast all of the pink.

We painted the room this color so it was a warm grey and we had crown moulding installed.  (I say “we” loosely, because I supervised from my family room, where I was undoubtedly binging something on Netflix, and my husband all of the sudden turned into some sort of professional painter that cut everything perfectly by hand.  We hired a professional painter to paint the rest of the house, so I’m not sure where hubs was when that was going on:) )

I have tried to link everything I possibly could, but some of the things in her room I found at Home Goods and TJ Maxx (like her nightstand and picture frames and flowers) so I couldn’t link them.   Find the links to everything else in the pictures below.

Here is our precious baby’s room <3

Crib and Dresser Set in White | Rug (size 4’x6′) |PB Ruffle Bumper | PB Ruffle Crib Skirt | PB Chandelier

Changing Pad Cover (set of 2) | Wall Shelves (We bought these and spray painted the fixtures gold)| Laundry Bin from Home Goods

Flower Crown Wall Mirror | Wall Flowers (purchased 2 sets) | Custom Ultrasound Photo (I had this made pretty much the second I scheduled my first ultrasound 🙂 I could not wait to fill it! | Lamp from Home Goods but here is similar | Nightstand & gold flower vase from Home Goods and whicker basket was a gift | Similar Glider and Ottoman (we had ours made at a local store)

PB Ruffle Bumper | PB Ruffle Crib Skirt | PB Sheets (she had two sets but the other is now sold out) |Sleep Sheep | Heart Headband Holder was made by my sister – she purchased the heart at Hobby Lobby and strung it with twine and mini clothes pins in blue and pink. <3

PB Curtains – I ended up only getting one curtain because it’s a small window.  These are pricey but do go on sale, and love the blackout feature of them – it helps the Little Babe sleep a bit later, I think 🙂 | Curtain Hold back – bought in white and spray painted gold | Curtain Rod – also bought in white and spray painted gold

More detailed photos:

Dove Book Ends – this shop custom made these in “duck egg blue chalk paint” for me by request | PB Bunny | Gold frame from World Market (with maternity photo of Isla in my belly) | Custom artwork by my girlfriend, Lindsay Storm

Similar Whicker Basket with chalkboard label

Chandelier – we took off the extra glass on the individual lights because we thought it was a bit too much.

Her art wall was made by a good friend of mine, Erin.  I gave her a frame wall example that I wanted it loosely based after, and asked for it to be done in certain chalk paint colors.  Duck egg blue, white, and light pink were the chalk paint colors used (except for the gold I, for Isla).  Erin is INCREDIBLE!! She does all sorts of custom creations – and I’ve never asked her for a project that she couldn’t figure out (even if it’s not in her normal wheelhouse).  This wall is maybe my favorite part of her whole room.  I would just go in and stare at it when I was pregnant, envisioning our little baby one day in her crib.  Please contact Erin at if you’re interested in having any custom wall art (like this), decorations, or banners made. 🙂

PS – a tip for hanging a frame wall is to lay it all out on the floor exactly as you want it to look (to scale), take a photo of it, then start hanging.  This will give you a nice reference point to go back to and make hanging a lot easier (rather than nailing 437 holes in the wall and hoping for the best).

Shelving Unit | Fabric Cube | Woven Storage Bin | Gold Heart Wall Decals (inside the closet – ) — yes, I went overboard and even decorated the closet 🙂 | Similar Pillow (ours was from Home Goods)

Custom heartbeat framed art – My sweet husband had this made for me as a gift after we had an ultrasound when I was about 9 weeks pregnant.  We had no idea what gender we were having, but he was pretty confident she was a girl and got this for me as a surprise as the first thing to go into the nursery.

This is on the small wall going into the nursery – my work girlfriends had it made for me at a local shop – here is their online shop where you can create your own.  You can see even her date of birth and height and weight on here.  It’s so special to us!

I hope you love her nursery half as much as we do.  A lot of love and energy went into making it special… because she is just the most special and precious thing in the world, and we wanted her room to reflect that <3

xo, tess

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  1. Terri
    May 31, 2017 / 12:44 PM

    It is the prettiest nursery I have ever seen. What’s awesome is the room can grow up with her.