my secret to having a great hair day

Let me lead off with this – for the last two days, I thought there was a decent chance I had lice.  No, not embarrassing at all.  I don’t have any real way of getting it, but I was pretty certain I had it.  Why, you ask?  Because my scalp felt weird on one side and I was sure there must be something living in my hair.  That’s obviously a foregone conclusion…definitely couldn’t be anything else 😉

So after looking over my scalp many times over and not finding any small creatures living in it, I had my husband check it out.  He said that my scalp just looked dry one that side of my head and not the other.  Though I’m not sure if there’s anything living in my scalp at this moment, as one can never be, I decided to treat it just as a dry scalp situation.

My sister, talking me through my crisis, suggested I do a hair mask and I remembered one I’d tried years ago.  And what I remember most about it is that I had the very best hair day when I did this mask.  I told myself I’d make the time to do it more often, because my dull and lifeless locks seemed to be brought back to life.  So here I am, a good two years later, treating myself (that’s a double entendre, because I could be treating myself for a case of lice as well).

Here’s what you do — just use equal parts coconut oil and honey – about a tablespoon of each, and heat it up!  Microwave for about 15 seconds and mix together well.  Make sure it’s cool enough to handle (when I first did this, I poured it on my scalp and scalded myself, not realizing that it could be way too hot) and put on your hair from the roots to the ends.  If you have longer hair, just pop it up into a top knot and let it dry.  I like to leave mine on at least 20 minutes… but I think the longer you can keep it on, the better!  I then just wash my hair (but I do shampoo it twice to get all of the honey and coconut oil out) and follow the same hair routine as I always do (found here).

So here I am treating a bit of a dry scalp sitch while also getting a good hair day out of the deal 😉  I love the way my hair turned out today – it was super shiny and full.  I’m having a ton of odd hair regrowth (and lost a ton post pregnancy) and I’m in need of a good trim so a little boost helped a ton!

See pics below!

Before: No silly, that isn’t day 4 of unwashed hair – it’s the mixture sitting in it 🙂  And don’t mind my frecks.  I get a ton of them in the summer 🙂

After: the finished product!  And the odd thing is, I don’t feel anything weird on my scalp anymore 😛

Try this trick – you will love it!

xo, tess

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