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Good afternoon!

Today I wanted to share with you a few of my very favorite hair products.  I’ve always enjoyed playing around with my hair and creating new styles/looks… but it all begins with the types of products you use to get your hair into shape and/or keep it healthy.  And trust me, I’ve done the leg work!  I have been quite a product junkie over the years and have sought out product recommendations from all of my girlfriends for anything that has really worked for them.

I also had maj problems with my hair a couple of years ago.  I used to have long, thick hair and all of the sudden, I found my hair not growing at all and falling out like crazy – all due to stress! It’s crazy just how much hair one can lose when you’re in a trying time in life.  I thought I was going to be bald when it was all said and done! Sounds great and really appealing, right?!  Well, because of it, I chopped my hair off to a bob in an attempt to start from scratch.  And since then, I’ve managed to get my hair back (finally!) with the help of some great products!  So below are my products and my routine 🙂

  1. I start off by washing my hair with Matrix Biolage Normalizing Clean Reset Shampoo.  I LOVE this stuff! My sis was the one that found it first and we both swear by it.  Something was going on with my hair and it was starting to look oily 1 day after washing it. (The horror!  I wash my hair every other day, or every 3 days with some dry shampoo and a top knot or braid in the mix ;))  Once I started using this shampoo, it’s like it really does “reset” my hair every time I wash it and I get more time between washes because of it.  It keeps my color really vibrant too
  2. I then condition my hair with Alterna Bamboo Color Hold + Vibrant Color Conditioner.  I apply a nickel size amount to the ends of my hair and use my wide tooth comb (pictured with number 4) to comb it through my roots.  I try and let it sit on my hair for as long as I can and rinse it out right before I get out of the shower.
  3. Once I’ve rinsed and towel dried my hair, I then spray about 4-5 sprays of this leave-in conditioner into my hands, so that I can control where it goes better (a tip my hair stylist taught me).  I concentrate on the ends of my hair (where the most breakage is).
  4. After applying the leave-in conditioner, I use a wide toothed-comb again like this one or this one to comb through my hair.  I never ever use a brush – I find that it keeps my hair from breaking if I use a wide toothed-comb, rather than a brush.
  5. Then I style my hair or let it air dry if time allows (which rarely ever happens but is so much better for your hair if you can do it).  Once I have it styled and set, I apply a dime size amount of Morrocanoil Treatment Light to the ends.  I use the light version because I have mainly blonde hair (shoutout again to my colorist, because though I have been an ashy dark blonde most of my life, the blonde I am sporting is ALL her ;)).  If you have darker hair, you’d probably prefer the regular Morrocanoil Treatment.  Now, I know this is a pretty penny… But it is WORTH it!  This stuff lasts FOREVER.  I just got a new bottle of it as one of my stocking stuffers from my husband (obviously you can see how much I love it that it winds up in a Christmas stocking) but before that, I think it’d been over 2 years since I got my last bottle.  It helps smooth away my flyaways and gives a nice shine to my ends.  And I swear, it keeps my hair from frizzing out.  When I was in Mexico, I put some of this on prior to blow-drying my hair as well, and I think it helped set my hair and keep it smooth in that humid air.
  6. and 7.  To finish up, I SWEAR by this hairspray! It is AMAZING.  And I use one of two teasing combs (linked here and here — the former gets more volume and the latter is better on your hair) depending on what I’m going for to get a little volume at the top of the crown of my head.  I spray the hairspray on the root and backcomb it to get some volume, and then a fluff up the ends and spray the hairspray on them too – to keep the curl or even straightened ‘do in my hair.

These products are an investment.  I don’t recommend you go out and spend a bunch of money on them all at once.  Use up what you currently have and start snatching these products up when you run out of your existing (that’s how I’ve done it anyway)… and you’ll build a great arsenal of hair products that really work.

I just got a trimmy trim trim a few weeks ago, but my hair is finally growing and healthy!  I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do!

And you KNOW they’re good if I took a single (mortifying) selfie (fluffing my hair no less) for illustration this morning! Gah!

xo, tess

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