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Happy Hump Day!

It’s officially the middle of the week!  Though I’m a bit mixed up on days right now because I was fortunate enough to have a girlfriend’s getaway Sunday – Tuesday of this week (I’ll have to blog about that another time cuz it was so wonderful!).  But now I think I have somewhat of a “relaxation hangover” – if that’s a thing (1.  I rarely sit still, so getting me to slow down takes a bit and I finally embraced it. 2.  Boohoo, poor me, I know).  After I finally succumbed to slowing down, when I woke this morning, I remembered, “oh wait, there’s an almost 9 month old baby who relies on me and I can’t just slowly saunter out of bed when I feel like it.”  I did (rather politely, I thought) ask her if she wouldn’t mind feeding herself and taking care of herself for just one more hour, but she just laughed and squealed and jumped all over me so I took that as a no.

So.  Today, I’m back to the grind and mom-ing all over the place.  As I’d mentioned in a previous post (here), some days I just want to be extra comfortable and wear active wear.  Today, with a lot to do around the house and chasing a little girl around outside, it was definitely one of those days.  I did manage to shower and EVEN wash and style my hair (major win), so I don’t need to wear pants that button, right?!  That’s my justification, anyway.

It was nice weather for a good portion of the day so it was a great opportunity to have Isla walking around in her walker outside.  I’m getting really excited for summer with this little babe.

Anyway, below is my “mom uniform” for today.  I’ve linked what I’m wearing (or similar) and Isla’s outfit, too. 🙂

yoga capris:

Similar style, same brand,

similar style, different brand,

similar style, super affordable!



more affordable option


25% off at Zappos today

Isla’s outfit (I paired it with a different pair of leggings today), shoes, & bows


xo, tess

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  1. April 26, 2017 / 9:04 PM

    Cute “mom” outfit!! Love the pink workout pants👍

    • Tess
      April 26, 2017 / 11:20 PM

      thank you!! 🙂