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Hey there!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!!

We certainly did!  My first Mother’s Day was just incredible – perhaps one of the best days of my life <3

I know that sounds cheesy and you might want to throw up a bit (apologies)… but it was a really special day for me (see this post for more on that).
Let me be clear, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows around here.  Mom-ing is hard.  Wife-ing is hard.  And friend-ing and daughter-ing, etc.  Just those things alone (let alone the stress of everything else life has to bring, working, cleaning, cooking, etc) take a lot of work and a ton of energy.  So I don’t want it to seem as though it’s just always all put together (as blogs and social media may appear).  But I will say, the presence of my daughter and everything my husband did for me made the day SO special.  He went above and beyond and it was a day I will never, ever forget.
It was so great to spend time with my own mom and sister on Mother’s Day and going to brunch with my family and having our little plus 1 with us finally… but it was just as incredible to get home, immediately change into comfies, and sit with Isla and play with the water table I insisted my husband put together the second we got home 🙂  the little things, right? =)

Anyhoo… today isn’t about that, but it is about my baby again!   I wanted to share the outfits we wore yesterday, mainly because I had a lot of people ask about HER outfit, LOL!  Cuz I mean, come on… look at this girl!
(Credit goes to her Aunt Steph and Uncle Drake for the romper — it was an awesome Christmas present!)  Also, don’t forget to use offer code ISLA15 in the Etsy shop linked below for 15% off your purchase of bows and headbands!

My top is on maj sale right now – and comes in other colors as well.  It’s not the greatest pic (and someone, who shall rename nameless, wrinkled it up a lot as I carried her around that morning), because I just snapped it as we were on our way out the door to go shoe shopping for the little babe.  (PS – anyone have walking shoe suggestions for teeny tiny feet??  Nowhere carries Isla’s size in store and it’s seeming like all options are super costly online!  I digress.)  My top is actually really flattering and pairs well with both jeans and shorts (and even leggings for fall/winter months) because it’s so long.  It also has slits on the side that are a really cute detail.  My sweet sissy got me the necklace I’m wearing for Mother’s Day <3… I linked it in this blog a couple of weeks ago, but it has since sold out – so I am linking a very similar one below.

Links to both of our outfits (as well as a gratuitous pic of my adorable Isla in the outfit Eric surprised me with on Mother’s day) are below!

my outfit: olive tank | other tank colors | white shorts |same brand nude wedge sandal | tassel necklace

isla’s outfit: jumpsuit romper | headband | sandals

xo, tess

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