jam jam-ing all day

Happy Monday, friends!

I am just sharing a quick post today because these adorable halloween jammies are on super sale today (PLUS free shipping) and if you have a little, they have matching ones for them too!

It’s been commonplace the last couple of weeks for all of us to be in our comfies until well after noon, so they might as well be really cute 🙂  I’m going to try and share an Eric health update soon, but I’m limited on time (and caffeine) right now, so for today, I just wanted to share a link to these adorable little pajamas.  They are super comfy and great for the cool nights we are having – even if the daily temps are out of control.  They also have these in a more neutral Halloween pattern that would be great for boys (link below)!

Obviously, Isla and I really enjoy these jam jams and they are great for the price – both are over 50% off right now – find links to them below!  Use code “WEEKEND” for free shipping.

  1. Women’s halloween pajama set | 2. Little girl’s pajama set | 3. Watch | 4.Boy’s Halloween pajama set
xo, tess

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