isla’s 1st birthday!

today is a post all about our big girl!

our isla noelle turned ONE on Saturday and we couldn’t be more excited that our little human is growing up!  There are definitely bittersweet moments, because this last year has just flown by, and every time she has a milestone, another one passes… but we are just so excited to see our girl grow. She is just the sun and the moon and the stars and brings us the greatest joy.  (Lay on the sap, i know, but) If we have ever done anything right in this life, it’s this girl.  She is so happy, so smart, so sweet and funny.  She is the easiest baby and we are surely gluten for horrible two’s or teenage years.  But for now, we will just celebrate her and the gift that she is to all of us!

Below are pics from her big day.  Soooo, I may have gone just a touch overboard with the unicorn birthday party theme.  Side note:  I told my hubs I thought I wanted to do a unicorn theme and he was all, “yeah sure babe, whatever you want!.”  He later told me, after I showed him some of the ideas I had, “I really didn’t think twice about the unicorn theme because I thought, ‘oh, she probably won’t find much unicorn stuff, so we can minimize the decorations.'”  He’s so funny!  Does he not know his wife?  You will find below that I did not minimize.  I maxed out.  And I feel for our next child because I don’t know that I could ever recreate the majestic-ness of this party, hahahah!

Anyhoo – huge shoutout to our family for helping so much!  My sister made all of the fruity pebble rice crispy treat favors and glued on everything for the pallet I made for Isla.  My mom watched Isla for the whole week basically leading up to the party, my dad helped set so much up, my bonus mom helped prep and clean everything up, my bonus sister helped, my BIL and future SIL picked up the food and brought rainbow deviled eggs, my in-laws brought a rainbow dip, my BIL’s girlfriend brought some chocolate covered pretzels totally themed, and my girl McKenna came hours early to the party to coordinate like EVERYthing while I was making mac n cheese for 90 people  😉   Shoutout to her for her vision of the huge unicorns – she BROUGHT IT.  And my neighbors were there for every random little thing we needed to borrow.  We had a lot of help to pull this off!

And a major shoutout to my girlfriend Erin for all of the banners, a ton of the centerpieces, and my personal favorite “ONE” sign (you’ll see below).  She is just THE best!  Please reach out to her for any of your party needs!  She is so awesome!

Another big shoutout goes to my girl, Lea, for making the BEAUTIFUL cupcakes and toppers for the party… she makes absolutely stunning cookies, too.  Please reach out to her (at for all of your baking needs in the western suburbs of Chicago.

I’ll close with this, before the ridiculous photo montage below… we had numerous comments from even Eric’s guy friends saying, “well I didn’t believe in unicorns, but now I do.”  I think that says it best.  Cuz you know what?

Our baby girl is majestic.  no question about it. 🙂

When she woke up, we threw balloons into her crib – she was very enthralled with them.

Her last of the monthly milestones!

Chillin’ before the party




The birthday girl with all of her gifts!

Our little fam <3

The day after her party – sorting through all of her goodies!  She is one lucky girl!

Someone decided to take her first steps the day after her birthday! Click this link to watch 🙂

xo, tess

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  1. Sandy Cole
    August 15, 2017 / 11:27 AM

    Tess and Eric, Happy 1st birthday Isla, such a darling little girl. The party looked great. I use to think Isla looked just like you Tess, however, the older she gets, she looks like the combination of both you and Eric. Enjoy every moment, everyday is so precious. Love, “Aunt” Sandy