How to organize your bathroom in less than $15

Let me start with a big, obnoxious UGGGGHHHH.

That’s how to articulate how I felt a few months ago about re-organizing my bathroom cabinets.  I mean, who does that sound like a lot of fun to?  I actually really love being organized… and I even like organizing (once I get into the swing of it…)  But, the thought of going through the bathroom cabinets and throwing away a bottle of lotion that I’ve been holding onto since I worked at Victoria’s Secret in college because I was “saving it” sounds absolutely appalling.  (Side Note: That was one of probably 8 bottles of some now-sketchy/expired product that I had in there.) (Additional Side Note: I have not been in college for a VERY long time.)  I am a stickler on using the very last bit of things, so as not to waste them, but when I’m holding onto a bottle of hair gel with 1/2 an ounce left that has fermented to the bottle, you know it’s time for a good ole fashioned garbage dump.

So alright, I can handle that… but what about how to actually GET organized?  What do you put the non-expired/usable products and curling irons and blow driers in to store them? I don’t know when the last time you went to buy organizational containers, but those things cost A FORTUNE!  You go to Target, Container Store, Walmart even, with the best of intentions.  Thinking you only need X many containers to get organized, and it’ll be this great little project.  Then you see them.  Those adorable striped bins.  Or the wicker ones.  Because they’re just so functional AND cute. (And everyone sees inside your cabinets).  You mindlessly throw them in the cart and check out, only to feel your face reddening as the cashier tells you your total. “Wait, no I have a red card… is that WITH the 5% off?!” 😉  And if you’re anything like me, you get home and leave the containers in the bag with total buyer’s remorse, therefore not organizing said area, because you just spent two weeks worth of grocery money on adorable containers.  (The former was based on true life events.)

Well, mi amigos, I have your answer!  The frickin dollar store! They have all different sorts of storage that you can mix and match so that you can fit everything properly into whatever space you’re organizing.  You may have to look in different areas of the store to find everything you’re looking for… but it is SO worth it.  I personally find the most variety at The Dollar Tree.  (And for any of you that feel you are above shopping at the dollar store, get over yourself. 🙂 No one should be above paying LESS money for something that serves the same intended purpose ;))  I spent a whopping $15 on organizing this whole thing…and since I’m really the only one ever seeing it (aside from anyone in the world that cares to read this post),I definitely didn’t need the striped fabric-wicker-adorable-and-ridiculously expensive bins, when this functions just the same.

So I took the time (about 2 hours when it was all said and done), and used my dollar store finds, and organized my drawers and cabinets.  I think I did this maybe 5 months ago now, so I’m sorry I don’t have “before” pics.  The honest-to-goodness truth though, is that I did not re-organize ONE bit prior to taking these photos.  (Side Note: I did remove a couple of personal items, cough cough mouth guard…for the sake of the picture.)  That’s the beauty of these bins, though.  A place for everything and everything in it’s place.  You simply take the item you’re using out, use it, and put it back.  It’s like magic, really.  And then everything STAYS organized and you don’t have to fret about re-organizing again.

Hints for organizing the bathroom cabinets:

  • Keep like items together: hair products together, facial products together, etc.
  • Wrap hair tools up to take up less space (Do not judge how many of these I have.  EACH ONE DOES SOMETHING DIFFERENT. ;))
  • If the product is over 3 years old, throw it away!  Beauty products only have a shelf life of 3 years.  Don’t save it.  Find a special reason to use it today.
  • Get smaller containers for the small items, i.e. bobby pins, hair ties, contact cases, creams, nose spray, and eye drops (Do you see how less attractive it gets the more I talk?)
  • Take sharper objects (scissors, nail clippers, etc.) and put in a container to themselves.  I also got a separate container for Q-tips for easy access, cuz it’s just soo much work to reach into a box and all.
  • Make it work for you!  I tried to dedicate one area to eyes and allergies and one area to small hair stuff…it makes it easier to remember where you put it in the first place.

Below are the pics!  And before you judge my multiple products, curling irons, and deodorant choices, think about someone looking into YOUR bathroom cabinets 🙂






Happy Organizing 🙂


xo, tess


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