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Thank you to Walmart+ for sponsoring today’s post.  All opinions expressed, as always, are my own. 🙂

So, as you might have seen, I’ve had a bit of a wrinkle in my holiday season, with a collapsed lung and more restrictions that I thought I’d have.  I have to really take it easy and can’t lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk, until two weeks after I have a clear X-Ray with my lung being back in the right place.  So, I can’t even lift my kiddos – which includes, especially, getting Miss Mira in and out of her car seat.   And that means that grocery shopping or last minute holiday shopping with her in tow is just out of the question. 


And though I felt fairly prepared early-on for Christmas and the holidays (let’s not forget Mira’s birthday in the mix too), there have been so many things that came up at the last minute.  I still want to be able to entertain my family, as best as I’m able, and grab the few last minute holiday gifts I need..  Thank goodness I’ve had Walmart+ this year, so it took that stress quickly off of my plate! 

Walmart+ is currently offering unlimited free delivery ($35 order min. Restrictions apply.), so not only are my groceries showing up to my doorstep, but Christmas gifts have been too!  


Here are some of the Christmas (and birthday) gifts I’ve bought that have been delivered for free and quickly right from Walmart+.



I truly have enjoyed being able to shop online for these things for my kiddos and family members, and feeling like I’m not missing out on certain elements of the holiday season, even with my physical restrictions.  I brag about my Walmart+ membership all the time and my holiday gifts are no exception!  


So, whether you’re looking for fresh groceries, or great holiday gifts, remember Walmart+ this holiday season. 🙂

xo, tess


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