Holiday Cards with Basic Invite

My goodness, can you believe Christmas is just over a week away?  I feel like this “holiday season” has just flown by!  We have had an abundance of illnesses in our home this year, so it’s been tough to be able to do everything that we have wanted to do and we are now playing catch up.  Including, but notwithstanding, getting our holiday cards out for this year.  Good thing we used Basic Invite for some beautiful cards, so now all I have to do is get those bad boys addressed and they are good to go.

Basic Invite has over 500 different designs to choose from – and includes over 180 different color options – which is great if you’re trying to match a specific color perfectly.  I also love the envelopes (they have tons of different colors to choose from), but my favorite part was that they have that strip on the back that you just peel off, instead of trying to get every envelope licked or having to use those envelope

You can also request a sample – so if you’re looking for cards for a different type of event (they also do wedding invitations), you can see what you’re getting before placing a big order.  I think this is huge when you’re investing in nice cards!

This came in particularly handy for me, considering that I had a major typo on our cards, LOL!  “HAPPPY Holidays” wasn’t exactly what I was going for… though I would love to emphasize the “happy”, it was unintentional, and Basic Invite fixed it right away.   They also have a ton of beautiful foil options, for that little extra somethin’ somethin’.

The great thing is, they’re offering 30% off holiday cards with the code “holi30′” – so if you have some last minute cards to get, or are looking to perhaps get New Years cards (a great option if you’re running behind on Christmas cards), you’ve still got time to get an incredible deal and beautiful cards.

Check out Basic Invite and take a look at our family holiday card below.  Don’t forget to use “holi30” for 30% off of your holiday card!!

Happy Holidays!!

xo, tess

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