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Hello, September!

Disclaimer:  clothes stuff on the bottom.  from the heart stuff on top.  feel free to scroll to bottom to get said clothes details 🙂

So I have intentionally been a little quiet on the blog/social media front in the last week because I just didn’t feel right posting.  Our country faced one of the worst natural disasters in recent history and it was just devastating.  I didn’t feel it was appropriate or fitting to be posting about a cute fashion find or recipe, when so many people in Texas lost so much.  Some lost their lives or family, others lost their homes, and so many lost their belongings – some replaceable and a lot that isn’t.  I cannot fathom what these people are going through and it’s really hit hard.  When Hurricane Katrina came around, I was in the middle of college and in my own little world.  While I knew it was devastating, the concept of what those people were going through was a bit lost on me.  I was busy throwing together papers for class, juggling a few jobs and a lot of college hours, and caring about my social life.  I was in my own little naive, selfish bubble.  Now that I’m older and have engrained relationships, a family, belongings and a home of my own, it just scares the shit out of me to think of the hardships these people are facing.  And it’s only just beginning.  Now that the storm has passed, the recovery journey is just beginning.  I encourage you to remember that these people are rebuilding and they need a lot of help.

With that said, if you haven’t already donated and are able to, I encourage you to help those in Texas in need.  One of my girlfriends that lives further north in Texas set up this site with some of her friends and they are doing AMAZING things – from copious amounts of supplies (ranging from food and water to diapers and dog food), to creating a mobile doctor unit.  These are incredible people with big hearts, doing big things.  Please, if you are able, HELP. ❤️

On a side note, I’d like to mention that though you might not have the means to help those in Texas, it doesn’t mean that it can’t inspire you to help others in need.  Without divulging too much, because it’s not really my business to share, I was recently inspired by my own mom to do for others.  She isn’t able to help with the hurricane relief, but she has taken it upon herself to help someone she knows that’s in need by cooking for her, helping her with laundry, offering her a place to bathe.   It was humbling to see what my mom is so selflessly doing.  We often take SO much for granted and it’s the little things that really make the world go round.  Be kind.  Help others.  Do what you can for those that can’t.  Small, random acts of kindness go a very long way.  The little things amount to the big.

With all of that being said, I decided to do a little outfit post because the world continues to go ’round.  And I want to keep moving along with it.  This blog has been a great light to me and I hope it’s created some entertainment or food/clothing ideas for you, whomever is reading it, along the way 🙂  So I wanted to share a nice little September outfit for ya.  Where on earth the summer went, I’m not sure!  But here we are in September and it’s time to break out the fall stuff – booties, cardis, and scarfies (oh my!).

This little button slip dress is currently HALF off!  The shoes are on major sale and the scarf (my new favorite so you will probably see on repeat!) and cardigans can be worn all throughout the fall, winter, and even spring.  Find the outfit details below!

  1. dress (low on inventory) | 2. dress option 2 | 3. dress option 3 | 4. open toe booties | 5. cardi  | cardi option 2 | 6. scarf (low on inventory) | 7. scarf option 2 <–I will probably buy this one too 😉


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xo, tess

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  1. Kylie
    September 5, 2017 / 7:04 PM

    Such a sweet post! Made me smile while reading it since my brother and his GF live down in Houston 🙂
    Adorable outfit too btw!
    Thanks for sharing! XO