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Guess who’s back!

No, this isn’t the start of an Eminem song.

But hey there!  Thanks for stopping by to read my blog. It’s only been about 15 months since my last post, so I’m pretty on top of it.  Just a teeny bit has happened since then.  Let’s see… I miraculously and quite by surprise got pregnant, birthed a child, and became a (mainly) stay at home mom to the most amazing little girl.   So just a casual, uneventful 15 months or so.  Here’s a glimpse into our world – Isla Noelle.

Isla 5 days new

Our 6 pound, 5 oz 19.5″ long miracle

8 months pregnant

Holiday photos

8 months along with my handsome husband

our 7 month old little peanut


A small photo montage never hurt anyone 😉

Anyway, my world has been kind of turned upside down (in the best way possible), and I just kind of let the blog go by the wayside for a while.  I’ve been wanting to get back to it and I have decided to re-vamp it a bit (I hope you like the new site!).  I’m going to focus on all the little things that make up my life now – with one of the biggest being my darling Isla.  I’ll still focus on food, lifestyle stuff, and I’ll be adding in some fashion (by request)!  And I hope you enjoy it cuz I’m super pumped to share what I’ve been working up.

My hubs and I are headed to Cabo tomorrow, so I will be posting pics on my instagram of our trip – please follow along! IG: littlethingsbytessblog (or  I’ll be sure to share about our travels when we get back.  Wish me luck, it’s the first trip away from our little babe!  SO excited for our vacay, but so nervous to leave my baby for so long.  EEEK!


xo, tess


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