Getting Ready for Disney!

We are finally going to DISNEYWORLD as a family!!!!! 

I am GIDDY with excitement, if you can’t tell.  It’s our first time as a family, or even for Eric and I to go together.  Isla and Mira have never been and we cannot wait to see their faces and all the wonder.  We were originally planning to go in 2019, and then Mira came and surprised us and kinda kicked those plans to the curb.  We decided to wait until it was a more reasonable age for Mira to go, so that she’d get to enjoy it too, and here we are!!  


This will very much age me, but I haven’t been to Disney in over 20 years. 😳  So I most certainly have never been with kids, unless you count the fact that I practically was a kid when I last went.  And I have heard that you need to be well-prepared to take on Disney.  We are also flying there, which is our first time on an airplane with Miss Mira.  That being said, I have been behind-the-scenes planning and preparing, like you wouldn’t believe!  


Anytime I ask people their best tips for traveling around Disney with kids, one of the first responses is, “snacks.  Lots and lots of snacks.”  And I learned when we drove to and from Florida in the spring with the kiddos, that sometimes just busying them with a snack is all they needed when they were going stir crazy.  So, I plan to be extra prepared this time.


That being said, I want to save time when I can, so of course I’m going to my go-to – my Walmart+ membership!!

I just placed an order to get my snacks in order.  I first got two of these snack containers – one for each girl.  Apparently these also are a great baby formula holder that then transition to a snack cup, but I got for my 5 yo and almost 2 yo because I love the size.  I can get them three different snacks in one of these, so they can choose what their little hearts desire.  Those are shipped with my Walmart+ membership, and then I did a free grocery delivery too to get the actual snacks. 

Those are shipped with my Walmart+ membership, and then I used Walmart+ too to get the actual snacks ($35 minimum. Restrictions apply.).

Here’s my snack line up:

I think I’ve got a good snack plan in place now and have checked one more thing off of my Disney to-do list!  

I really am such a big Walmart+ fan – it consistently saves me time (and money) and helps take things off my mental to-do list, which is so beneficial to me.  

Now, it’s off to DISNEY!!!



Thank you to Walmart+for sponsoring today’s post.  All opinions expressed, as always, are my own. 🙂 

xo, tess

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