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Hello, friends!

Today I wanted to share a quick Eric update and a cute outfit.  I am trying to get back to a bit of normalcy and though I have plenty of other things I could or should be doing right now, I decided to sit down and take a little time for me and write!

Most importantly, how’s my babe?


He is doing better (hallelujah!).  Every day, I feel like I see a little bit of improvement.  He is still up and down and has some bad times, but the good times are definitely outweighing the bad now.  And the bad times are lasting for hours instead of days.  He is slowly getting back to himself and learning to not push himself so much – a difficult lesson he’s had to learn.  (And one that I’ve been a bit of a “mean mommy” about.  Did I tell him I’d put him in assisted living if I had to more than once?  Perhaps;)  Did I mean it?  You bet I did. 🙂  Whatever it takes to get this fella to slow down and get better).  Eric is such a doer and a helper that it’s hard for him to not push himself past his breaking point at times.  He feels bad if he isn’t being super active or helping or working as much as he’s used to.  But this is a slow and steady wins the race kind of a situation, and he is finally starting to catch his stride.  We even made it out to dinner and a movie and he lasted all the way through Blade Runner (which is almost 3 hours long)!  It’s the little things you don’t even think about and take for granted that have become our small victories and wins, and we are thrilled about them!  So, thank the Lord he is doing better and healing and headed in the right direction.

On another note, I want to try and get back to some blogging.

The point of this blog has always been to blog about all the little things, because they’re what matter the most – hence, the tagline of my blog.  And oh my, have I become more aware of that than ever recently.  So I’m going to try and keep blogging my little things… my food, my fashion, my everyday… because these little things make up my life.  One that I am so blessed to share with my husband and my daughter and one that I don’t want to take granted for a moment! <–Sorry for the sap <3

So please, read on, if you’d like to find a cute on-trend top that won’t break the bank!


So this outfit may be a bit faux pas for some people, because you better BELIEVE I am wearing white jeans after Labor day!

I used to be very strict about the no white pants after Labor Day or even before Memorial Day, really.  But the more I got into fashion, the more I realized that this is an antiquated rule and it needs to be thrown into the garbage! Ha!

Now, you can just call your white denim “winter white,” and call it a day!  I actually think it really does make a good contrast for both fall and winter colors and gives an extra punch to your outfit, rather than just wearing basic denim colors.  If you pair your white denim or pants with winter or fall tops and accessories (like this sweater and these booties currently on sale), you will be pleasantly surprised with the results!  You’d rather be fashion forward than antiquated, amiright? 🙂

Direct links to the whole outfit below!

1. exact sweater | 2. similar sweater | 3. similar sweater also | 4. dark grey booties | 5. same white denim without holes | 5. similar earrings in light pink | 6. lip gloss – in “loud and lovely”



xo, tess

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  1. Karen
    October 26, 2017 / 4:30 AM

    Tess, Eric is one very lucky guy to have the kind of love that you have for him. Thank you for taking such great care of him, and keep making him slow down a little bit. Assisted living is for old people…. he wouldn’t like it much. I am glad that as you walk through this valley, you have each other, and the faith to see it through. I love that you are seeing each new day, each new accomplishment, each normal response…. as a miracle. Life truly is a blessing that none of us should ever take for granted. Keep blessing each other as you walk arm in arm. I’m glad you have each other.