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fun concert wear and a baby isla update


Today I wanted to write about a cute outfit and a little update on our little girl – Miss Isla!  I sat down to write this and all I could think of is that I don’t have a ton of time to write and was thinking of the main (adorable) culprit.  Enter – Isla Noelle 🙂

It’s not that she is crazy time-consuming (she is), but rather, that we are in the midst of lots of Isla-centric things right now.  Her first birthday is in just over 2 weeks!! I seriously can’t believe it.

I don’t know where our infant baby went, but we have an almost toddler baby on our hands and all I can say is that this has been the fastest (and most incredible) year of my life.  (Yes, I realize how sappy I sound, but I just can’t help it:)).

We are planning a big ole birthday bash to celebrate her.  I know that she won’t even remember it, but we just want to celebrate her, and the little miracle and gift that she is to us.

With that, though, comes lots of little details – cuz it’s the little things, right? (cough, cough – get it??)  So I’ve been getting decorations together, researching catering options (which is tough for me because I like to do the cooking for guests, but just can’t with this many people), coordinating 1 year pictures, etc.  And to add some more crazy into the mix, my hubby and I are going on a trip right before her birthday so we need to have everything really well planned in order to not come back to complete chaos (just like moderate level chaos).

It’s also nearing the end of Isla and my breastfeeding journey and we are working on weening.  (Insert a flood of emotions).  I am saving that story for another post because when I started writing about it, I realized I had a lot to say about it.  But getting her weened before our trip as well as all the coordination of everything going on (plus every day life, which is always so busy in the summer) has left me little time to do much else.

But my husband and I did manage to find some time for us in the middle of this chaos.  My sweet Eric took me out for a night on the town to celebrate our anniversary and my birthday last weekend.  We saw one of our very favorite bands, One Republic, and it was a super fun night away!  They performed at a really cool venue we’d never been to and we were able to shuttle to and from our hotel, which let us both able to let loose a bit!  I never seem to sleep well if I’m away from Isla, but I think that’s just a mom thing.  We had a great time and a little too much wine 🙂  I didn’t know what to wear, though, because it was uncharacteristically cool that evening.  I’d bought this top to wear with shorts, but brought my fav white skinnies with me and am glad I did because they were just right for the cooler evening temps.

And let’s talk about this hat.  Guys, it’s from Target!  And it is under $20!!  Compare it to this one from Revolve and I think it’s a steal!!  I loved wearing it and think it’ll be a new staple of mine – it kept my hair out of my face AND looked cute – double win.  The pics are a little wonky cuz I realized last minute that I should take a pic for the blog and we had about 1 minute before we needed to head into the concert.  Find the outfit details below!

PS –  Should I link my hubby’s outfits too?  I always wonder about that!


Watch how this hat makes me feel

  1. off the shoulder top | 2. black floppy hat | 3. tie leg sandals | 4. white skinny jeans |

(totally casual pic)

My forever date <3




xo, tess

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