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Today I wanted to share the before and after photos of our dining room rehab.  You really have to look closely at the before pictures to be able to see all that was changed – it’s in a lot of the details that one might not normally notice.

Feel free to scroll on down to get to the pics and the direct links for items, if behind the scenes isn’t your jam!

For this room, the goal was to open it up!  It felt really enclosed, so we opened it as far as we could, both to the ceiling and on the sides, without having to move all of the electrical etc… but the top of the wall and sides surrounding the dining room were torn out and a new ceiling area was put in.  (This house was down to the studs during the rehab). Additionally, what you can’t see in photos very well is that there was a whole additional space in the foyer that we busted out.  What was once a closet upstairs, we had completely torn out to open the foyer.  This made the entire entryway, leading into the dining room, much more open.

On the other side of the dining room, we opened the door frame as well – brought it up to ceiling height and widened it.  The new trim around the room and door frame made a huge difference, as well as the white square chair rail that was installed.  We used the same color as we did throughout the majority of the house (SW agreeable grey 50%) for above the chair rail.

You might also notice that we completely redid the stairs — we had the old stairs and railing completely ripped out and new ones installed that are more modern and match the wood flooring that is run throughout the first floor.  We were back and forth about a carpet runner for the stairs but felt like we needed it – both for safety and for a more complete look.

As for the lighting, we wanted to keep with the gold-ish theme that is with a lot of our fixtures in our home, and this antique gold color for the light fixture that anchors the room was the perfect touch of modern/classic.

The extra chairs that are in the room go with our kitchen table, but aren’t in use all the time.  It can seat 4-6 so we usually just keep it as 4 chairs and the spares go into the dining room.

Oh! And I must mention, we did the Google Nest for both thermostats in our home (we have one both upstairs and downstairs) and we LOVE them.  We can control them through our phone – which is monumental — especially with a newborn when you don’t want to move and you’re either hot or cold.  They also go down to an ECO mode, which is what’s most efficient for your home at that time, if you’re not home – and they start to record your thermostat behaviors.  SO if you like it cold at night and warm in the morning and adjust the thermostat that way, it just starts automatically doing it.  You can schedule what you like on your phone as well.  I have mine scheduled to heat the upstairs more during isla’s nap time and keep it cooler at times we aren’t upstairs.  It’s pretty awesome, so I linked that as well below!

Enjoy the before and after photos below!  All items that could be linked are!  Leave a comment below if you have any questions on this reno. 🙂

table and chairs (similar + more affordable) // rug (size 6’6″x9’6″ Rectangle) // candle holders // wall art //google nest in gold // light fixture (in vintage gold) //corner chairs (that go with kitchen table) // floor mirror



table and chairs (similar + more affordable) // rug (size 6’6″x9’6″ Rectangle) // candle holders // wall art //google nest in gold // light fixture (in vintage gold) //corner chairs (that go with kitchen table) // floor mirror

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