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So before I had two children, grocery shopping didn’t seem like that big of a deal.  I could just pop our oldest daughter, Isla, into the cart or have her walk beside me and grab what I needed.  The only real obstacle I had was getting her out of the store without a fit over buying something she certainly didn’t need but certainly felt like she did.  

Then baby #2 came along.  And suddenly, lugging two kids in and out of the store might as well have been five.  With the car seat and the jackets and the seat belts and the carts and the 4 year old still wanting that thing she didn’t need and the baby needing something I didn’t have, it became overwhelming.  Something I used to enjoy doing – because I love cooking so much – turned into something I dreaded.  I’d bring a list, only to forget a handful of things on it due to being distracted by my lovely little monsters angels.  I had to figure something else out and take some of the stress out of my week.


Enter Walmart+ !  For just $98/ year or $12.95/monthh, I get free unlimited delivery with just a $35 minimum purchase! (some restrictions apply)  No more lugging my kids in and out, or even lugging myself in and out.  I can enjoy shopping from home, cuddled up on my couch with my kids and have the ease of adding things to my cart as they cross my mind.

No more forgotten list items, and fewer grocery trips/orders because I use my phone as the list-maker now, instead of having to try and remember to add something to it.  So whether I’m in the middle of making the girls lunch and realize we are low on fruit or I’m upstairs and notice we are low on diapers or I’m out of my allergy meds, I just grab my phone and add it to my Walmart cart.  Then once I have my order set, I just select a date and time for delivery and it shows up right to my front door!

From fabric softener, to Diet Pepsi, to lunch meat and pirate’s booty, Walmart+ has you covered with the same everyday low prices you love.

So you can spend more time doing whatever else you need to be doing and have the convenience of your groceries being brought straight to your front door (even contactless, if you prefer).

Thank you to Walmart+ for sponsoring today’s post.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

xo, tess

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