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My husband and I celebrated our 15 year dating anniversary a little bit ago, and though some find it silly to celebrate, we always make it a point to do so.  We had a babysitter planned, booked 6 weeks in advance, and were going to have a long long date night out to have some time for just the two of us.  Because things are the way that they are and we decided to practice social distancing a bit earlier than mandated, we cancelled the sitter ahead of restaurants being closed.  Thank goodness we pre-planned that, because restaurants closed the day we were supposed to be out on the town.

Nevertheless, we wanted to make it special.  So we got dressed up, made a nice dinner, and got the kiddos to bed early.  We used our dining room for the very first time and it was amazing.  We laughed, reminisced about our time together.  Talked about when we first met and how far we’ve come.  How we basically didn’t think we’d ever be where we are now and how much we’ve overcome.  We laughed, had tears in our eyes, and ate dinner by candlelight.  I can’t imagine how a date night out could have even come close to our date night in.

So my thought is to try and make these times special in your own way.  Times are crazy right now, but they’re also a time to appreciate what you have and can either be a time to drive yourself away from your partner (out of the craziness and close quarters) or bring you closer together.  I’m feeling extra grateful today that ours is bringing us even closer together and giving us both more of an appreciation for each other, and what we have on our plates every day.

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Stay healthy and safe, loves!

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xo, tess


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