Crafty? Well I’m not 😉 But Isla and I made these little halloween creatures!

So Little Things by Tess is what it is because I never wanted to be boxed into any one thing, because I have lots of little interests.  If you’ve followed along for a while, you can probably see that!  But not really on that list?  Crafting 😬

It’s just not really my jam.  My brain doesn’t work in that way, creatively.  If you give me a set of how-to’s or wrap the craft up in a way that it’s all set up for me, then sure.   Otherwise, I’ll be running all over town to different craft stores, spending more money than I should on things that’ll get half-used, and not getting a couple of the things that are integral to the craft.  It can be flustering, when I’ve had the best of intentions.

Isla is 5 now, so she’s of an age where she wants to do said crafts, so I began looking for options.  I wanted to do something Halloween-y, but wanted to do something different than decorating pumpkins.  I didn’t want to break the bank, and I’d love for everything to be in one tidy little box, ready for us to use (and then be done with, without a bunch of leftovers I’ll say I’ll use again and inevitably misplace for when I actually need them).

I FOUND IT at Walmart in the Home section. Our very own Monster Craft Kit!  All I needed to go with the kit was some glue of some sort – I used a hot glue gun, just cuz I feel like the glue dries super fast, but you could probably use something like this, too!  I just didn’t have it, and was trying to use what we had on hand.

And not to brag, but I think we pretty much nailed these Monsters. 😆 

Everything really wrapped up in that small, affordable little Monster Kit.  It even had 4 different monster designs with how to make them!!!  That was clutch for me!  I have to say, I did handle a lot of the heavy lifting, due to the hot glue gun… but Isla truly enjoyed making these together so much.  It made me realize how special these little moments are.  And that even if we don’t do it right or perfectly, we did it together.  And what matters more than that?!?!  (Nothing, silly).

I found a few other cute Halloween-y crafts from the Home section at Walmart and will put them below, so they’re just a click away!


Thank you to Walmart Home for sponsoring today’s post!  As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are all my own.


xo, tess

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