the dedication of Isla

Heya!  Today, I just wanted to share a little photo recap of our weekend.  We dedicated our daughter, Isla, at church on Sunday.  It was such a special day and time with our family, but most of all, special for our little girl.  We are honored that everyone showed up… View Post

my favorite pregnancy skin care products

Alright, let’s get real.  Pregnancy is weird.  In lots of ways.  But when it comes to how you look and feel, it’s really weird.  One day, you’ll feel like your skin is a shade of yellow and your eyes are sunken in and you’re bloated and puffy and nothing fits right and… View Post

baby and me outfits

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll! Today I wanted to share a quick post of the outfits my daughter and I wore yesterday.  The weather is FINALLY turning in the midwest, and with it being sunny, 75 degrees, and beautiful yesterday, we opted for some sleeveless tops and pants.  I say “we” loosely because,… View Post

affordable Easter baskets for your itty bitties!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Today I wanted to share with you a little tip to have affordable (and adorable) Easter baskets for your itty bitty ones.  Because, last I checked, the Easter Bunny isn’t Santa.  And I feel like people have started to feel so much pressure to get more and more… View Post

Guess who’s back!

No, this isn’t the start of an Eminem song. But hey there!  Thanks for stopping by to read my blog. It’s only been about 15 months since my last post, so I’m pretty on top of it.  Just a teeny bit has happened since then.  Let’s see… I miraculously and… View Post