sunroom transformation

Hi there! Long time, no blog! Life has been so crazy.  So wonderful, so stressful, so fun, so exhausting.  I guess I could dedicate an entire blog to just a life update 😉 feel free to skip on down if you don’t need the update or the details behind the… View Post

my hubby’s neuro-nightmare

Hello, friends! I wanted to post a blog today about what my little family has been going through for the last month or so. I’m overwhelmed at the thought of typing it all out, but I also don’t want to be one of those bloggers that acts like it’s always… View Post

update on my hubby’s condition

Hi friends. I wanted to give a quick Eric update. Last week, after having multiple more “episodes,” Eric was given a different diagnosis (one that was never completely ruled out when he was in the ICU). The neurologist believes he has two things – viral meningits/encephalitis and something called complicated… View Post

How to organize your bathroom in less than $15

Let me start with a big, obnoxious UGGGGHHHH. That’s how to articulate how I felt a few months ago about re-organizing my bathroom cabinets.  I mean, who does that sound like a lot of fun to?  I actually really love being organized… and I even like organizing (once I get into… View Post

You do what with what?! (A cleaning how-to)

If you just look at the above picture, you will gather that this post is going to be a little random 😉 I decided to put together a couple of random tips for cleaning that I’ve gathered over the years.  The general theme of these tips is laziness.  I really… View Post