a quick and easy vegetarian dish

Ok, so I’m going to lead off with what anyone who knows me is thinking. “She doesn’t even eat vegetables.  Or fruit.  Why is she posting a vegetarian recipe?!” Ok, sure.  That’s true.  Ya caught me. But I’m definitely a wanna-be fruit/veggie eater and enjoy preparing them.  And my husband… View Post

hen-estly the best chicken.

(credit due to my future SIL for the title of this post, thanks Steph!;) ) Hey ya’ll! I’m in a particularly southern mood right now because I’m bloggin’ my fried chicken tenders recipe.  (Please read in a southern accent, because although I am not actually from the south, I believe… View Post

the most delicious appetizer

Hello, friends! Today I wanted to share a recipe that I almost hesitate calling a recipe – because it’s that simple!  It’s for baked goat cheese and it is friggin delicious! I started making this years ago as a knockoff of one of my favorite appetizers at one of my favorite… View Post

way to a man’s heart meatballs ;)

Happy Thursday, friends! I cannot believe it is already Thursday!  These last two weeks have flown by – with lots of travel and activities and I haven’t been able to sit down and blog much at all… and I’m afraid this whole month is going to be a little cray,… View Post

perfectly roasted chicken – with 1 minute of prep time

Hi Loves! Ohmigosh I have to share this cooking method/recipe with you because it is blowing my mind!  It is the easiest way to perfectly roast chicken.  Crispy skin, tender and juicy inside.  It is incredible! Let me back it up a bit.  I usually just buy boneless/skinless chicken breasts… View Post