Amazon Prime Finds!

Happy Monday! So a couple of weeks ago, I asked a poll question on my Instagram stories on whether people would prefer an Amazon Prime finds try on or a Nordstrom one — and 77% of people said Amazon, so I spent some time finding my very favorite Amazon Prime… View Post

nordstrom rack fall gear

Well hi there and happy September! My goodness, have I gotten complacent with actually blogging!  I think I’ve gotten so used to just linking my outfits on my instagram (and it being so much easier) that I have let my blog just go by the wayside.  Not to mention that… View Post

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Final days – Best of What’s Still in Stock

Happy Wednesday! Today I wanted to share a quick post to round up my final favorite items from the Nordstrom Sale that are still currently in stock!  These are the final days of the sale, so if you like any of these items, grab them now before the price goes… View Post


Hey Friends! Today I wanted to share my very favorite Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks.  Just below, I’m going to share a little background into the sale and how to get early access.  So feel free to skip on by that if you just want to shop! Nordstrom Sale Info/How to… View Post

matchies with my mini

Happy Friday, friends! Today I wanted to share a little matchy matchy outfit that my daughter and I recently wore together.   Let me just tell ya, this chambray jumper that my daughter is wearing is just the perfect type of clothing for her these days.  We are in a “let’s… View Post