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Happy Tuesday, friends!

Today I wanted to share a quick cooking method to get your week off to a great start.  They (who they is, I’m not entirely sure) say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I’d bet most people are lucky to grab a granola bar on their way out the door.  What if you could have a nice little breakfast sandwich ready for you and all you had to do was toast a little bread and microwave something for 20 seconds?  That’s the beauty of these oven baked eggs.  It’s like making a little egg mcmuffin for yourself every day.  And they’re compact so you can throw it on a little paper plate and eat it in the car if need-be!

You have to do a little prep for them, in order for it to be super easy throughout the week, but it’s definitely worth it to have breakfast made for yourself for a few days.  It takes maybe 5 minutes of prep time and 15-20 minutes of cook time, but it’s definitely worth it.  I’ll make these at the beginning of the week and my hubby and daughter will eat on them for like 3-4 days.  It makes the mornings a lot quicker and ensures that they are getting a nice healthy dose of protein to start off the day.

I’d hardly call this a recipe, because it’s more of a cooking method, but it’s definitely a go-to in our house.

You can make these baked eggs completely on their own, or topped with a little cheese (like my people like) or you can jazz them up with some fixins like I did.  I added sautéed mushrooms and spinach to our normal baked eggs with cheese.  And to be totally hons – my husband said it was a little heavy handed on the shrooms .

SOOOO, the next time I make them with mushrooms, I won’t add as many.

Here’s how you make them!

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and grab a muffin pan.  Spray that with nonstick cooking spray and start cracking your eggs into the tins.  If you like spinach with your eggs, add that in after the cooking spray and before you crack your eggs into them.  Same with the mushrooms!

(Prior to making them, I sauté my mushrooms.  You don’t even have to do that – you can absolutely just add them in as is.  I was sautéing mushrooms to go with another meal so had extra and figured I’d make use of them.  Feel free to just put the mushrooms right in).

I then sprinkle with salt and pepper and add some cheese!

Then all you do is bake them to your desired doneness.  I bake them for about 15 minutes for Eric – so they are about “over medium” and I do them for about 18 minutes for Isla, so they are “over hard.”

Gently scoop out with a spoon.

Then, all you do is toast up some bread and add the egg to it.  Like I said before, you just microwave the egg for 20 seconds the day you want to eat it and add it to the bread.  Since I have bacon with my breakfast every morning, I happened to have some on hand to add to Eric’s mcmuffin. 🙂

(Obviously, my husband added Sriracha ketchup to his…)


I hope this gives you a nice breakfast alternative for the weekdays (or weekends!) – enjoy!

xo, tess

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  1. Amber Cali
    January 31, 2018 / 11:05 PM

    Hi Tess- I made your oven baked eggs this morning and they were so good!! Andrew is starting a new job in the city on Monday and I was looking for a simple but healthy breakfast option for him to have on the way out the door. Your post was not only timely but so appreciated!
    Thank you Tess!

    • Tess
      February 4, 2018 / 5:22 PM

      Thank you Amber!! I am so happy to hear that! You’ll have to try throwing some bacon on the bottom next time 😉 It is also delicious I hear 🙂