Be Strong. Be Brave. Be Humble.

Warning: This post is sappy and sentimental.

I wanted to just do a quick post today that is a little vulnerable. (Sorry in advance for not being my sarcastic self ;))
I’d typically prefer to be divulging a recipe or a how-to… but I felt a calling today to try and throw out some inspirational words that have helped me.

“Be STRONG when you are weak, BRAVE when you are scared, and HUMBLE when you are victorious.”

I came across this quote a while back and it stuck with me.  I used to think I was just SUCH a strong person…because anytime something hard came along, I’d put on a brave face, push through it, and just move on.  Box it up.  I didn’t let things get to me…didn’t *feel* them.  I would pride myself in the fact that I NEVER cried.  Cuz I was just soooo tough.  A lot of hard shit and self-reflection later, and I’m singing a different toon 😉

What I believe now is to let yourself be weak.  Feel the hard times.  Realize that they will make you stronger.  The strongest people didn’t get that way because they had everything so easy in their life.  Know that there’s some reason you are going through it, feel it, and come out of it STRONGER.

Be afraid.  Be scared.  Life is a freakin’ mo-fo sometimes.  It is scary and hard and not what we’d imagine it to be.  We are put in circumstances that we couldn’t even fathom being in.  Life just never turns out exactly as you planned.  But when you find yourself in that place, be brave.  Know that you WILL come out on the other side.  Things will be alright.  Maybe even great, if you make them.

And when you do these things… When you gather your strength, when you push through and become brave and have faith that everything will be ok on the other side of your weak and scary moments, you’ll eventually get to a place where you are victorious.  You’ve made it.  You got to the other side.

But remember those times when you were scared and weak.  Let them sink in to you and make you stronger, braver, BETTER.  Keep your humility.

Be strong. Be brave. Be humble.

So….here’s to being bad-asses. Or striving to be, anyway 😉  (Insert wine glass clink sometime after 5:00PM CST)



xo, tess


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