At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

I wanted to share a post today about something that has been a tricky area for me in the past – teeth whitening.

This may seem like no biggie to you, but I have always had trouble whitening my teeth.  You see, I have some spots on the tips of my teeth that are overly calcified.  So when I’d try to do whitening strips or a whitening pen, some of my teeth would look like they had a french manicure ;).   And that’s certainly not cute.

And with my beverage consumption – both diet pepsi and wine, my teeth have been looking dull and certainly not white.  And let’s be honest, I’m not giving up either of those

On top of the fact that I have these weird calcification spots on my teeth, my teeth are incredibly sensitive.  SO it’s like a doubly whammy when it comes to whitening.  I remember doing whitening strips in the past and I could do one every month or so, otherwise my teeth would just ache for days.

I even asked my dentist about it and he basically said I was outta luck.  That because of how whitening products work, the white spots would just get brighter and that I could have my teeth whiter overall, but the spots would always be brighter.  Great.

So, knowing that my teeth are so sensitive and leopard-like, I wasn’t exactly hopeful that I’d ever find a good and safe option for my teeth.

Enter Smile Brilliant.

Smile Brilliant differentiates itself in a number of ways, with my personal favorite being the desensitizing gel they offer.

Let me explain how the whole shebang works though, first!

So first off, you get this base and catalyst mold to do your dental impressions with.  You mix them together and then put in a mouth guard looking thing, then do the impressions of your teeth.  This makes it so that you have evening whitening for your exact teeth. I loved having this personalized because one of my front teeth shifted in recent years (THANKS WISDOM TEETH I NEVER REMOVED) and it wouldn’t have even coverage without a personalized tray.  Once you do the impressions, you mail them back to Smile Brilliant and they create your very own whitening trays (and the turnaround time is SO fast)!

Once you have your whitening trays, you have syringes of both whitening gel and desensitizing gel.  You do the whitening first (for 40 minutes to __ minutes) and follow it up by doing the trays with the desensitizing gel for 15-20 minutes.  The key is also to not eat or drink anything for 30+ minutes after doing the trays. It’s recommended to do it at night before bed, but that’s usually the time I’m busy staining my teeth with wine  So I like to do mine first thing in the early evening.

Now, since my teeth are so sensitive and because of the white calcification spots, I found myself doing the whitening very slowly.  Only about once a week. If you don’t have either of these issues, you could do this every day if you wanted. Slow and steady wins the race for me and I was very pleased with the results.  I also did the desensitizing gel in between and that helped my calcification spots SO much, as well as the sensitivity.  I couldn’t believe that something actually worked for my teeth and didn’t make me look like I had leopard teeth.:)

I am so happy with my Smile Brilliant Results – and let me just say, their service is bar none!  I would highly and happily recommend Smile Brilliant to anyone looking to whiten their teeth and fancy up their smile!

And the great thing is, Smile Brilliant is offering a giveaway of a free set ($139 in value!) to one of you!

To enter, simply go to this link and enter the giveaway!  It’s so fast and simple. And as an added bonus, in case you don’t win the free set, you can still receive 15% off your purchase with code “littlethingsbytess15” 🖤

I only endorse products that I truly love and believe in and hope that you have as much success and as great of an experience with Smile Brilliant as I have!






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xo, tess


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